Aldi Tasmania: Are They Coming To Hobart Or Launceston?

Despite having a relatively affordable cost of living, especially in comparison to the Australian average, Tasmanians are not opposed to having more options when it comes to their grocery stores.

Aldi, which has been present in the Australian mainland since 2001 and currently holds 12.5 percent of the market share, has sparked interest among Tasmanians who are wondering if the supermarket giant will be setting up shop in Hobart or elsewhere in Tasmania. The answer to this question may be unexpected.

Aldi, Image Credit: Aldi

Is Aldi Coming To Hobart Or Tasmania?

Back in 2019, Aldi’s corporate headquarters issued an official statement in response to speculations from Tasmanians, confirming that the German discount supermarket chain has no plans to establish stores in Tasmania, including the capital city of Hobart. Since then, there have been no updates or pronouncements from Aldi that would contradict their previous statement.

To explore possible reasons why Aldi opted not to come to Hobart or Tasmania, discover potential areas where the company may open stores, and learn about other locations in Tasmania where discounted groceries are available, continue reading.

Why Isn’t Aldi Coming To Hobart Or Tasmania?

Although Aldi has not provided any explicit reasons for its decision not to establish stores in Hobart or Tasmania, there are several possible factors that could be involved.

Firstly, the cost of living in Tasmania is slightly lower than on the Australian mainland. While some shoppers may still consider grocery prices high, there are numerous supermarket options available for those seeking to shop around and find the best value.

In addition, Tasmania’s low population, with only 250,000 inhabitants in the capital of Hobart, and an extremely low population density of 7.24 people per square km, may not be an ideal market for Aldi.

Aldi, Image Credit: Aldi

Furthermore, the island’s small size could make it challenging to identify suitable locations for stores, particularly in cities that are already densely built up and may not have any available space unless older businesses close and vacate their premises.

Based on information available on their corporate website, Aldi appears to be highly selective regarding location and market, so it is possible that they are waiting until their market share in other parts of Australia has expanded further before considering Tasmania.

What Are Potential Locations For Aldi Stores In Hobart Or Tasmania?

The most apparent option for the initial Aldi store in Tasmania would be in the capital city of Hobart.

In addition, on a thread in the Bring Aldi to Tasmania Facebook page, several commentators suggested the cities of Launceston and Devonport as potential locations.

Do People Want Aldi Stores In Hobart Or Tasmania?

There is a strong desire among Tasmanians and Hobartians to have Aldi establish stores in their area.

Many are aware that other parts of Australia have over 500 Aldi stores, some even in rural regions, and are curious why they cannot have even one store.

According to a local news report from Hobart’s ABC network, when residents were asked what they would like to see in their city, Aldi was mentioned alongside other popular stores such as Ikea and Costco.

One resident commented that Aldi would outperform existing grocery stores in Hobart.

In addition, Sarah Blockley initiated a petition on to urge Aldi to open stores in Tasmania.

Ms. Blockley stated, “Isn’t it a bit unfair that very rural towns like Casino in NSW have an Aldi store while Aldi stores… have no intention of bringing even a single store to Tasmania?”

She also mentioned how Aldi’s Special Buys enabled her family to acquire necessary items at excellent prices.

Unfortunately, Ms. Blockley’s petition only garnered 262 signatures, but her dedication to the cause is evident.

Aldi, Image Credit: Aldi

Where Can People Shop Other Than Aldi In Hobart Or Tasmania?

The term “monopoly” frequently arises when discussing Tasmania’s supermarket choices.

This pertains to Woolworths and Coles supermarkets, which have been observed “reducing prices on over 200 products, indicating that the competition is increasing.”

In Hobart, numerous charming small shops exist, such as City Organics, a well-regarded all-organic market whose offerings are reminiscent of Aldi’s Simply Nature, Earth Grown, and LiveGfree brands.

Final Words

Despite Tasmanians’ disappointment, Aldi has indicated that it has no intention of establishing a store in Tasmania or Hobart, and the supermarket chain has not made any changes since then.

However, the German grocer’s worldwide expansion has been dramatic in the previous five, even three years, indicating that Tasmanians can anticipate their own Aldi store when the timing is appropriate.

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