8 Believable Excuses for Not Keeping in Touch with Your Friends

We all make plans and pacts with our friends to keep in touch always. While making those plans we are like “ yeah yeah always, anytime, am just a call away, I ‘ll take off, just let me know off”. Some of us even give specifications like will make catch up plans on weekends always but despite of all this, sometimes we end up looking for excuses to not to join them.

Life is truly unpredictable and so is our mood, especially on the time of occasions like the planned day with friends it switches. All of a sudden, the most social person on the earth wishes (that’s us then) to stay home, just in the cuddle of her/his bed and pillows watching some random movie or reading a book or actually doing nothing. And now you need to have a real good excuse to get you day of your choice. Let’s read in this section- 8 Believable Excuses for Not Keeping in Touch with Your Friends.

Excuses for Not Keeping in Touch with Your Friends
Excuses for Not Keeping in Touch with Your Friends, Image Source: Helena Lopes , from Unsplash. CC0

1. Sympathy

It comes in all forms,shapes and sizes, you can decide to get it your way. If your friends already know about your struggle at office or home, it is easy peasy, lemon squeezy. You can simply say,” Boss kept the meeting at the last moment and has asked me to represent him on his behalf, am seriously done with this job, I will call it quits”. Likewise you can give an excuse for home, “Dad wants me to go with him for his Appointment with the Doctor”.

2. Vomiting Bug

This bug can bite anyone anytime. Excuse yourself by saying “am vomiting since morning, haven’t eaten anything, feeling extremely weak and dehydrated”.

3. Contagious Illness

I guess I have conjunctivitis, can’t come”. No one will ever compel you to join or meet if you have any kind of contagious illness or symptoms.

4. Family Emergency

This excuse works best with friends; obviously they won’t put you or any of your family members in trouble by asking you to join them. “Last night, my sister had a fight with dad, she came really late and Dad just blasted on her, crisis at home can’t come.”

5. I am Stony Broke

Obviously your friends might not mind you not contributing, but it’s about your self-respect after all. “I am penniless this month, I got a major cut in my salary because of the loan I borrowed, Next time Bro…will keep it for two days back to back.”

6. Dad’s Boss is coming home

My dad has invited his boss and his family for lunch and he is expecting to meet us all and “specially me”, he told my dad, because of my latest success (any achievement, any award, any praise about anything that you have done and your friends know about it.)

7. Someone Stole my Bike

Someone stole my Bike last night and I got a call from the cops saying the same is been captured on camera for hitting someone at the road.” What a mess?

8. Family Function

Tell them you are not in town and going for your first cousin’s engagement, you didn’t intended to go but now Dad is out for tour and mom will not go alone.

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Honesty is the best policy and especially when it comes to friends, I feel, you should not feel burdened or pressurized about casual meets rather be brutally honest about your dead mood. But sometimes, things really go out of hands and if a small harmless lie can save the friendship, then why not!