Buying A Gift On Amazon In 2023 [How It Works, + More]

Sending gifts to loved ones is a great way to show you care, and many online and brick-and-mortar stores offer gift wrapping and card options. If you’re an Amazon shopper, you might be curious about their gift-giving service. Keep reading to learn more!

Amazon provides a convenient gift-sending service that allows customers to select the “This Order Contains a Gift” option when adding an item to their cart. This service is available worldwide, as long as the product is available in the recipient’s area.

In this article, we’ll explain how Amazon’s gift service works, how customers can customize their gifts, and other tips and information about using this service. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!

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How Does Buying a Gift on Amazon Work?

Customers can easily purchase a gift on Amazon and send it to their friends and family with the following steps:

Add the chosen product to the cart
Check the box “This Order Contains a Gift” below the product title
Proceed to checkout and select the recipient’s address or add a new one
Choose gift options like hiding prices on packing slip, adding a free gift message, gift wrapping, and sending an email gift receipt
Save gift options for later use if needed

It’s important to note that not all products on Amazon are eligible for gift wrapping, but they can still be shipped to the recipient. Customers can customize their gifts by adding a personal message or hiding prices on the packing slip. They can also choose to email the gift receipt to the recipient. If customers want to change their gift options, they can do so as long as the gift is not in the shipping process.

Can I Send a Gift on Amazon Anonymously?

If customers want to keep their gift a secret, they can pay for it with an Amazon gift card. By doing this, the purchaser’s name and address will be kept confidential. Here’s how to send an anonymous gift with an Amazon gift card:

Purchase an Amazon gift card with the amount required for the recipient’s gift.
Choose the purchaser’s email address as the gift card receipt address to receive a voucher that can be used to buy the gift.
Add the item to the cart and check the box “This Order Contains a Gift.”
At checkout, add the recipient’s address and select “Gift Receipt” to hide the price of the gift.

By using an Amazon gift card to purchase a gift, customers can ensure that their name and address will not be revealed. For more information on Amazon gift cards and how to use them, check out our related guides.

Can I Buy a Gift on Amazon for Someone in Another Country?

Sending a gift from Amazon to someone in another country is possible as long as the product is available in the recipient’s location. However, some items that are available in the customer’s location may not be available in the recipient’s location.

To check the availability of a product, customers can switch their country on Amazon to the recipient’s location and check the product page for the item’s availability status. If the item is available, customers can proceed to send the gift to the recipient’s address.

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Do Gifts from Amazon Have Gift Receipts?

Customers who want to make sure that their recipients can return or exchange their gifts can easily do so by including a gift receipt when purchasing a gift on Amazon. By selecting the “Gift Receipt” option during checkout, customers can ensure that their recipient will receive a receipt that hides the price and payment information. The gift receipt can be sent directly to the recipient’s email, allowing them to return or exchange the gift without knowing how much it cost. This option gives both the giver and the receiver more flexibility when it comes to gift-giving.

What Can I Add to a Gift from Amazon?

When sending gifts from Amazon, customers have the option to add several personal touches to make their gift extra special. Customers can choose to add gift wrap, a personal message, a gift bag, and a gift receipt to their order.

It’s important to note that not all items on Amazon are eligible for gift wrapping, as it depends on whether the item is being sold directly by Amazon or by a third-party seller. However, customers can still send most items without gift wrap, and if an item is not eligible for gift wrapping, a notification will appear when the customer adds the item to their cart.

Adding a personal touch to a gift from Amazon can make the recipient feel extra special. To learn more about how to send a gift on Amazon, check out our related guides on how to send an anonymous gift and how to send a gift to someone in another country.

What is the Return Policy for Amazon Gifts?

If gift recipients want to return a gift they received from Amazon, they can do so through Amazon’s Gift Return Center. To initiate the return process, they can follow these simple steps:

Go to the Returns Center on a laptop or desktop computer
Enter the order number for the gift they received, which can be found on the order slip inside the Amazon delivery box
Click on “Search” and select the items and reason for the return from the drop-down menu
Choose their preferred return method, including an Amazon Locker return if it’s available in their area

If the order number is not available on the gift, recipients can contact Amazon customer service and provide them with the tracking number. If they don’t have a tracking number, they need to ask the gift giver for the shipping information. It’s important to note that the return policy for gifts may differ from the regular Amazon return policy, so recipients should review the specific return policy for their gift before initiating the return process.

How Do I Hide an Amazon Gift from my Other Account Users?

If customers are concerned about other users on their shared Amazon account seeing their gift orders, there are several steps they can take to hide their purchases.

Firstly, customers can turn off their Echo device, as Alexa may announce delivery and shipping updates, revealing the gift details to other account users.

Secondly, customers can archive the order history for their gift, which will disable other users from viewing the gift that was placed.

Lastly, customers can send their gift to an Amazon Locker store. This will prevent other account users from seeing the gift upon arrival.

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If customers need to return the gift without the giver knowing, they can utilize Amazon’s Gift Return Center. For more information on Amazon’s delivery times and shipping locations, customers can read our related posts.

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Amazon offers a convenient way for customers to turn their orders into gifts by selecting the gift option at checkout. Customers can also add personal touches such as gift wrapping, notes, and gift receipts. In case the recipient needs to return a gift, they can easily do so by visiting the Returns Center and providing the order information. For those who want to keep their gifts a secret from other account members, they can archive the order or have it shipped to an Amazon Locker.