Do Amazon Reviews Affect Sales? [Importance of Amazon Reviews]

When it comes to online shopping, most people rely on reviews to help them make informed decisions about a business or product. With Amazon generating billions of dollars in revenue and having thousands of reviews on various products, it’s challenging to find an online store with more reviews.

If you’re an avid Amazon shopper, you might be curious about whether Amazon reviews actually impact sales. I was wondering the same thing, so I decided to do some research, and here’s what I found out!

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Do Amazon Reviews Affect Sales In 2023?

It turns out that Amazon reviews have a significant impact on sales. Products with good reviews and high ratings are more likely to appear at the top of search results, while items with negative feedback will appear lower down the list. Studies have shown that positive reviews can increase sales by up to 20%. That’s why both Amazon and its third-party Marketplace sellers put a great deal of effort into ensuring that customers are satisfied with their purchases and leave positive reviews.

If you’re interested in learning more about Amazon reviews and how they influence sales and shopping habits, there’s a lot to explore. From the factors that impact review credibility to the ways that Amazon monitors and enforces review policies, understanding the world of Amazon reviews can help you make informed decisions about your purchases.

How Do Amazon Ratings Work?

If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, you’ve likely noticed the abundance of reviews and ratings on the site. Even if you don’t usually read reviews, you’ll see a row of five yellow stars next to each Amazon listing, which reflect the item’s rating out of five.

Amazon’s rating system uses a unique algorithm to compute the average star rating for each product. This takes into account the authenticity of the feedback, such as whether the reviewer is a verified purchaser and how recent the rating is.

The average star rating out of five is listed for all products on Amazon, unless they are brand new and haven’t yet received any ratings.

Reviews and ratings work together to highlight customer experiences and provide insights into what people like and don’t like about certain products. While a five-star rating is considered the best, many high-quality products receive three and four-star ratings as well. All of this information can play a role in the final purchasing decision.

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To put it into perspective, let’s say you’re shopping on Amazon for a new pair of shoes, and you come across two similar options but with different average ratings. You’re more likely to choose the higher-rated shoes because it gives you the peace of mind that other shoppers liked the product too.

In today’s world, people value peace of mind when shopping, especially online, and ratings give them the assurance that they’re making the right choice.

How Do Amazon Reviews Impact Sales?

It’s no secret that Amazon sellers value reviews and ratings highly. After all, they can make or break a business by influencing consumer opinion and either boosting sales or hurting them.

The impact of Amazon reviews on sales is significant, as they help customers to identify the pros and cons of items and make more informed purchasing decisions. But reviews also play a crucial role in helping sellers to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

With thousands of products available in every category on Amazon, only a select few can make it to the top of search results. When customers use the search bar to look for a specific item, the most highly-rated and positively reviewed products will appear at the top of the list.

Amazon uses a unique algorithm to monitor product reviews and ratings, ensuring that the most popular and well-received products get the prominent positions they deserve.

If a seller puts a new product on Amazon that has no ratings, it will appear below the best-selling items in that category. This means that positive reviews are essential for gaining traction and greater visibility on Amazon’s vast shopping platform.

The higher a product’s rating and ranking, the more likely it is to attract sales. As products gain more positive reviews and sales, they continue to climb the rankings, making them more visible to potential customers.

In short, good reviews and ratings are crucial for Amazon sellers to maximize their sales potential and make an impact in a competitive marketplace.

Can Sellers Change Reviews On Amazon?

Leaving an Amazon review is a straightforward process for shoppers, which can be both a blessing and a curse for Amazon sellers. Sellers cannot directly change or remove reviews, which means they must be prepared for both positive and negative feedback.

While it’s impossible to please everyone, sellers must also ensure that their customers get what they paid for. If an item falls short of expectations, customers have the right to leave a review and express their dissatisfaction.

Amazon acts as a mediator between sellers and customers by allowing verified purchasers to leave reviews for items they bought through the platform. Sellers can respond to customer feedback to address any confusion or resolve issues, but they cannot pressure customers to change their feedback or offer illegal incentives for better reviews.

Amazon’s Seller Central policies outline specific guidelines for how sellers can communicate with customers about negative feedback and reviews.

Ultimately, Amazon’s review policy means that shoppers hold significant power when it comes to influencing sales through their reviews and ratings. The more positive feedback a product receives, the more visible it will become in category and search result pages. Conversely, negative feedback can cause a product’s ranking to slip down on Amazon’s site.

What Are Amazon Reviews?

The internet has become the go-to destination for customer reviews across a wide range of services and products, and Amazon is no exception. As a company committed to transparency, Amazon encourages customers to leave honest and open feedback about the products they purchase.

Amazon reviews can be found on product listing pages, and with over 12 million items available for sale on the site, it’s no surprise that the platform has amassed an incredible number of reviews. If you search for your favorite items on or the Amazon app, you’ll likely come across dozens, if not hundreds, of customer reviews.

The review process involves leaving written comments and selecting a star rating level. These reviews play a crucial role in influencing sales by providing prospective customers with valuable insights into the pros and cons of each product.

How To Leave An Amazon Review?

Leaving an Amazon review is a straightforward process that can be done for both items you’ve purchased and listings you come across on the site.

To review a previously ordered item, go to your orders and select the option to write a product review. Amazon will prompt you to provide an overall rating out of five stars and secondary rating features such as sturdiness, durability, and giftability.

Next, you can add a headline that summarizes your main thoughts about the product. It’s essential to be as honest as possible, based on your personal experience with the item.

To complete the review, you can add a photo or video if desired, along with a written section outlining your experience with the product. The more detail you provide, the more legitimate your review will appear to both Amazon and other shoppers.

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It’s also possible to leave reviews for items you haven’t purchased. Simply scroll down to the reviews on any product listing page, click on the option to leave a review, and follow the same process as if you had purchased the item.

Remember that your review has the potential to influence the purchasing decisions of other shoppers, so it’s essential to be honest and provide helpful information.

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Final Words

With over 12 million products available on Amazon, customer reviews and ratings play a crucial role in the overall sales performance of products. The most highly-rated items tend to rank higher in search results and category pages, which translates to more views and sales compared to items with negative feedback.

This motivates Amazon sellers to provide excellent products and customer service to generate positive reviews and high ratings. Items with strong reviews and rankings become more popular on Amazon, leading to increased sales for the seller.

In summary, customer feedback on Amazon plays a significant role in influencing sales, and sellers are motivated to offer high-quality products and service to boost their ratings and improve sales.