Does Ed Sheeran Respond To Fan Mail

Does Ed Sheeran Respond To Fan Mail

The Thinking Out Loud star is currently touring Asia and has been receiving bags and bags of fan mail. Like any global star, we thought he’d have an assistant to read and reply to them. But no, Ed actually goes through them himself.

Ed sheeran does reply to fan mail. I sent a letter and a pair of beats headphones for him to use. Here is the fan mail address: Ed Sheeran, Grumpy Old Management Ltd.,. PO Box 83, 22 Notting Hill Gate, W11 3JE UK.

Is it possible to contact Ed Sheeran?

The best way to contact Ed Sheeran is to send a letter. That way, your message don’t get lost among thousands of other message on the social media. Click here to start writing a letter to Ed Sheeran.

What is Ed Sheeran fan base called?

Ed Sheeran fans, or ‘Sheerios’, are a committed bunch.

What are Maroon 5 fans called?

What do fans of Madonna, Eminem, Adele, Maroon 5, and Kelly Clarkson call themselves? Just plain old “fans.” This brings to mind Stephen Colbert’s 2008 interview with Rush. He asked the band if they call their fans “Rushians.” Neil Peart’s reply: “They have their own names.”

You Can Reach Ed Sheeran Only Through Email

Photograph singer Ed Sheeran doesn’t have a phone and can only be contacted via e-mail. The singer decided to ditch his electronic devices and social networking sites back in 2015 when he took a year-long break from the spotlight to “travel the world”.