Does Enhypen Respond To Fan Mail

Does Enhypen Respond To Fan Mail

Here is the email address is,

Can I send letter to Enhypen?

we can now send a fan letter to ENHYPEN! All receipts by mail / registered mail are possible. If the item is sent by something other than a general mail envelope, it will be considered as a courier (present) and returned.

Can I send gift to Enhypen?

Please understand ENHYPEN will only receive hand-written letters from fans in appreciation of your thoughtful support and care. Please understand that any other gifts cannot be accepted.

How do I contact Enhypen?

If you have any questions on how to use our service, you can contact:
ENHYPEN Management
Booking Agent.

What phone does sunoo ENHYPEN have?

In addition, some fans also pointed out that he uses the ‘Galaxy’ phone from Samsung which is known for its amazing photo properties. Those who had seen his selfies mentioned that they are amazed by how he is capable of taking filter-less selfies and look so good in them.

Does ENHYPEN speak English?

ENHYPEN member Jake
Jake only arrived in South Korea the week of his audition but he’s fluent in both English and Korean.

Is ENHYPEN Ni-ki fluent in Korean?

Already, Ni-Ki has a number of expertise within the language-learning division, as he initially comes from Japan and wanted to grow to be fluent sufficient in Korean with a purpose to debut as an idol. However, he admitted that English has truly been far more tough for him to determine!

Who is Maknae in ENHYPEN?

The youngest Enhypen members (maknae) of Enhypen is Niki (born Dec 9, 2005). The oldest member of Enhypen is Lee Heeseung (born Oct 15, 2001). He was 19 years old at the time of Enhypen’s debut. The shortest member of Enhypen is Jungwon with an estimated height of 174 cm (5’9”).