Does Lowe’s Cut Drywall/Sheetrock In 2023? [Important Guide]

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you might be looking for a hardware store that provides cutting services for your home improvement project. Lowe’s is known for providing a wide range of products and services to improve your homes and businesses. But what about cutting drywall and sheetrock?

Good news! Lowe’s can cut drywall and sheetrock to the sizes required by customers, and they often do it for free. The retailer also offers various tools and products that enable customers to cut their drywall and sheetrock by themselves. However, most Lowe’s stores don’t cut drywall and sheetrock purchased from other stores.

If you want to know more about Lowe’s cutting services for drywall and sheetrock, including the process, cost, and tools available, keep reading!

Lowe’s, Image Credit: Lowe’s

How Do I Get Drywall Cut at Lowe’s?

To get your drywall cut at Lowe’s, simply approach a staff member in-store and request assistance. If you have bought the drywall from Lowe’s, you can also ask for it to be cut at the checkout. However, if you have purchased the drywall elsewhere, it is recommended to call your local Lowe’s store in advance to ensure they offer cutting services for non-Lowe’s products.

What Tools Does Lowe’s Sell to Cut Drywall?

Additionally, Lowe’s also sells drywall saws, drywall routers, and drywall circle cutters that are specifically designed for cutting drywall.

One of the popular tools Lowe’s sells for cutting drywall is the DEWALT 20-Volt Max Cordless Drywall Cut-Out Tool, which has a depth-adjustment system and can make precise cuts.

Lowe’s, Image Credit: Lowe’s

The Stanley FatMax Fixed Blade Utility Knife and the Warner Drywall Hand Sander are also popular options for cutting and smoothing drywall.

Overall, Lowe’s offers a variety of tools for cutting drywall, including both manual and power tools, to fit different needs and preferences.

Does Lowe’s Cut Sheetrock?

If you’re looking to have your sheetrock cut to size, Lowe’s can help! In addition to cutting drywall, Lowe’s offers free sheetrock cutting for customers. You can find a variety of sheetrock options available for purchase at Lowe’s stores and online. However, if you haven’t purchased your sheetrock from Lowe’s, it’s recommended that you contact your local store to confirm whether or not they offer cutting services for non-Lowe’s products.

How Do I Get Sheetrock Cut at Lowe’s?

You can get your sheetrock cut at Lowe’s by purchasing it from the store and requesting to have it cut to the required size before leaving. You can also inquire about their assistance in carrying the sheetrock to your vehicle if needed. It is important to note that Lowe’s may not offer this service for sheetrock purchased from other stores.

How Much is Drywall/Sheetrock Cutting at Lowe’s?

At Lowe’s, customers can have their drywall or sheetrock cut for free if they purchase the material from the store. However, if you bring your own material, there may be a small fee for cuts after the first two or three. According to online reports, prices for cuts at Lowe’s typically range around 50 cents.

What Tools Does Lowe’s Sell to Cut Sheetrock?

Lowe’s offers a variety of tools for cutting sheetrock, including the Kobalt Jab Drywall Saw and Marshalltown 16-inch Drywall Circle Cutter. These tools are similar to those used for cutting drywall, but can also be used for sheetrock. Lowe’s employees can provide advice on how to cut your specific type, thickness, and size of sheetrock.

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In conclusion, Lowe’s offers drywall and sheetrock cutting services in their stores, with the service usually being free if the material has been purchased from Lowe’s. Additionally, Lowe’s sells various tools that customers can use to cut drywall and sheetrock themselves. However, if customers bring their own drywall and sheetrock to be cut, there may be a small charge. It’s always recommended to contact your local Lowe’s to ensure they can provide this service for you.