Does Lowe’s Giveaway Free Pallets In 2023? [Your Useful Guide]

Lowe’s is a popular destination for individuals seeking to undertake DIY projects, given its status as a top hardware retailer.

However, customers visiting Lowe’s may be curious if the retailer provides free pallets. After conducting research, here’s what I’ve discovered!

Lowe’s, Image Credit: Lowe’s

Does Lowe’s Giveaway Free Pallets In 2023?

In certain stores, Lowe’s can provide customers with their unused pallets upon request. Furthermore, some of Lowe’s pallets are recycled through their sustainability initiative, making it advisable for customers to inquire about any available pallets. Customers may also be able to obtain pallets from Walmart, Home Depot, and local hardware stores.

If you’re interested in learning more about obtaining free pallets from Lowe’s, including whether it’s acceptable to take pallets from behind Lowe’s and what Lowe’s does with their old pallets, keep reading!

How Do I Get Free Pallets from Lowe’s?

According to online shoppers, the most effective approach to acquiring free pallets from Lowe’s is to request assistance from the store’s staff and management at your nearest location.

To save time and effort, it’s feasible to call your local Lowe’s in advance and inquire about the availability of pallets before making the trip.

Lowe’s frequently provides pallets free of charge, as doing so saves the store money and employees the task of disposing of them. Customers who request free pallets from Lowe’s are responsible for removing and transporting the pallets.

It’s important to keep in mind that pallet availability at Lowe’s varies from store to store.

Lowe’s, Image Credit: Lowe’s

Can You Take the Pallets Behind Lowe’s?

While it may be possible to obtain free pallets from Lowe’s, it is unlawful to take them without permission.

Lowe’s recycles and repurposes some of its pallets, which are necessary for loading. It’s not recommended for customers to take pallets without permission, even if they seem unattended behind Lowe’s.

According to Lowe’s workers online, certain branded pallets, such as colored wood and metal pallets, are owned by specific companies and must be reused or returned to the manufacturer. Taking these branded pallets can cost Lowe’s money to replace and interfere with their employees’ ability to perform their job duties effectively.

Attempting to take pallets from Lowe’s without permission may result in shoplifting charges.

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What Does Lowe’s Do with Old Pallets?

In addition to repurposing certain branded pallets, Lowe’s is committed to recycling and reusing its pallets to help conserve natural resources.

Lowe’s claims that they use core pallets and recycled wood from over 1,000 stores to supply regional distribution centers. By reusing, repairing, and recycling their old pallets, Lowe’s minimizes the need for new wood.

While not all of their products are recyclable, they aim to generate mulch from over 13,000 truckloads of components, including pallets.

Some Lowe’s stores that participate in such initiatives may be unable to give away free pallets since their store policy requires them to recycle them.

Online store workers claim that they frequently receive payment or incentives for recycling their old pallets, implying that there may be no free pallets available for customers to take.

Lowe’s, Image Credit: Lowe’s

Where Else Can I Get Free Pallets from Besides Lowe’s?

In addition to Lowe’s, other retailers may be able to offer customers free pallets.

Stores such as Target and Home Depot, Lowe’s primary competitor, may be able to provide customers with free pallets. Alternatively, smaller, locally-owned stores such as hardware, furniture, and pet stores may also offer free wooden pallets.

Reaching out to local retailers may be the most effective approach to obtaining free pallets from retailers other than Lowe’s.

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