Does Safeway Do Money Orders in 2023? [2023 Guide]

Numerous businesses and stores offer money order purchase services to their customers, including post offices, retail stores, and financial institutions. These services cater to individuals who require the placement of money orders.

If you’re a patron of Safeway, you might be curious if your nearby store offers money order processing services. To find out, keep reading this write-up to uncover what I’ve discovered!

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Does Safeway Do Money Orders?

Through their partnership with Western Union, the majority of Safeway stores in Canada and the United States now offer a wide range of financial services, including money order placement, money transfers, and other related transactions. These services can be accessed through the Safeway customer service desk or a related department.

For further information on the cost of money orders at Safeway, acceptable forms of payment, and whether Safeway provides cashing services for money orders, among other queries, continue reading!

Where Can I Purchase a Money Order at Safeway?

At most Safeway stores, Western Union services are typically conducted at the customer service desk. To purchase a money order, customers can approach a store associate at the customer service or reception desk, and the order will be processed promptly.

However, it is worth noting that while Western Union services are available at most Safeway stores, some locations listed on the Western Union website may have discontinued this service and may not have updated their records accordingly.

Therefore, customers are advised to call their local Safeway store in advance to confirm if this service is still being offered.

Safeway Headquarters
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How Much Does a Money Order at Safeway Cost?

The cost of purchasing a money order at Safeway may differ depending on the location, but generally, it is around $1 per order.

In addition, most stores have a limit of $500 per money order that customers are required to follow. If a customer needs to send more than $500, they can purchase multiple money orders.

What Form of Payment is Required for Money Orders at Safeway?

At present, the majority of Safeway stores mandate that customers pay for money orders with cash.

Nonetheless, this policy may vary somewhat between stores and is subject to the store manager’s discretion.

Does Safeway Cash Money Orders?

While Safeway stores are not equipped to cash money orders, they are capable of cashing checks.

However, the checks must either be payroll or government-issued since Safeway is not authorized to cash personal or handwritten checks.

To cash a check at Safeway, customers will incur a fee of $2.25 per $200 on each check. Furthermore, Safeway is unable to cash checks over $1,500.

What Time of Day Can I Buy a Money Order at Safeway?

The hours of operation for Safeway’s customer service desk usually differ from those of the regular store.

While Safeway store hours vary depending on the location, most customer service desks close by 8 pm.

Can I Get a Refund on a Money Order at Safeway?

Safeway provides customers with a refund if they purchase a money order that is either stolen or lost.

In case the customer has a receipt for the order, the processing fee is $15.00. However, if the customer does not have a receipt, they will be charged a processing fee of $30.00 and will need to make a research request.

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Does Safeway Canada Do Money Orders?

The majority of Safeway stores in Canada provide Western Union services, including money order processing.

However, some stores may only offer a limited range of Western Union services and may not be capable of processing money orders.

To avoid any inconvenience, customers are advised to contact customer service in advance and verify with a store associate whether their local Safeway can process money orders.

Final Words

To conclude, the majority of Safeway stores in the United States and Canada offer Western Union services for processing money orders.

Customers can request this service at the customer service desk, although Safeway only accepts cash payments for money orders.

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