Does Walmart Take CareCredit? (Items, Locations and More)

Walmart is a crucial retail store for its customers, providing various healthcare products and services to support people in maintaining good health.

If you’re curious about the types of credit cards Walmart accepts, you may be wondering whether the CareCredit credit card is one of them. Here’s all the information you need!

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Does Walmart Take CareCredit?

CareCredit is accepted for purchasing health and wellness products/services at all Walmart stores. However, it can only be used for in-store transactions and is not valid for online or Walmart app purchases. For any items that are not covered, an alternative payment method will be required.

If you want to know more about CareCredit and whether it is possible to return items bought using the CareCredit card, keep reading!

Do All Walmart Locations Accept CareCredit?

You can use the CareCredit credit cards for in-store purchases at all Walmart stores, including Walmart Neighborhood Markets and Walmart Supercenters. However, it cannot be used for online purchases or at Walmart gas stations.

Moreover, the CareCredit credit card is accepted at certain Walmart vision centers, depending on the optometrist and the insurance providers they accept.

What Products Qualify Under The CareCredit Card At Walmart?

Aside from providing crucial healthcare services like vision tests and prescriptions, CareCredit covers a wide range of health and wellness products at Walmart.

For instance, you can use CareCredit credits for the following product categories:

  • Pharmacy (prescriptions, deductibles, prescription pet medicine, co-pays)
  • Over-the-counter (cold and flu medicine, pain relievers, allergy relief)
  • Baby essentials (diapers, formula, car seats, teethers, baby books, and toys)
  • Optical (lenses, frames, sunglasses, eye drops, reading glasses)
  • Health and beauty products/services (personal care, dental care, hair care)
  • Walmart Care clinic products and services (immunizations, lab testing)

Since Walmart stocks millions of products, you have a wide selection of covered items to choose from.

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How Do You Use Your CareCredit Card At Walmart?

Using the CareCredit credit card at Walmart is a straightforward process. First, scan all your items at the checkout line, and then use your CareCredit credit card to pay for eligible health, personal care, and wellness items.

If you have any remaining items that do not qualify for the CareCredit card, you will need to use a different payment method to cover their cost.

You can use your CareCredit card at self-checkout lines or regular checkout stations at most Walmart stores.

What Healthcare Services Are Available At Walmart?

The healthcare services offered by Walmart differ by location, and scheduling an appointment at one of their health clinics is a straightforward process. Some of the healthcare services available at Walmart include:

  • Dental
  • Labs
  • X-rays
  • Health screenings
  • Primary care
  • Counseling
  • Optometry
  • Hearing
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Health insurance education

Can You Use Your CareCredit Card For Online Purchases At Walmart?

Presently, the CareCredit credit card can only be used for in-store purchases at any Walmart store. It is not possible to use the CareCredit credit card for online or mobile app transactions.

The CareCredit website does not provide a clear explanation as to why the healthcare credit card is not accepted for online purchases.

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Can You Return Items You Buy With The CareCredit Card At Walmart?

Suppose you buy healthcare products from Walmart and subsequently decide to return them. In that case, Walmart’s return and refund process is designed to be simple, regardless of your payment method.

To return an item purchased using the CareCredit credit card, visit the customer service desk and make sure to bring your CareCredit card with you.

What Is CareCredit?

CareCredit provides users with a straightforward method of paying for a range of medical treatments and procedures through monthly payments.

Moreover, CareCredit is a healthcare credit card specifically designed for health and wellness products.

One of the key benefits of the CareCredit credit card is that it is accepted at over 225,000 retail stores and healthcare providers.

CareCredit covers various healthcare services, including dentistry, vision care, LASIK, dermatology procedures, veterinary care, hearing care, and many other specialties.

Final Words

Your CareCredit credit card can be used for in-store purchases of health and wellness products and services at any Walmart store. Regrettably, CareCredit cannot be used for online purchases or on the Walmart app.

If you need to return an item that was purchased with your CareCredit card at Walmart, simply visit the customer service desk and remember to bring your CareCredit card with you for a valid return.

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