12 Easy to Believe Excuses to Call Your Boyfriend [That Actually Work]

Life is really tough and more so when you are looking for excuses even to call your boyfriend. Well, sad but true, everyone has work schedules, parents and buddies day then why can’t your boyfriend have. You can’t sound or look like a grumpy girlfriend nor do you want to behave like madly in love or over possessive girlfriend even if you are.

Girl ego obviously is bigger than her size. So to maintain your chilled-out image you need an excuse and a real good one to call your boyfriend who is today busy with his buddies, parents, or colleagues party…who cares. Let’s scroll down to find some foolproof excuse that won’t crush your well-preserved image even after getting you an opportunity to chit-chat with your boyfriend.

Excuses to Call Your Boyfriend
Excuses to Call Your Boyfriend, Photo Credit: pixnio .com

I really am stuck up on one clause in the latest project

Sorry to have bothered you but wanted to know something about a recent project. Whether you and your boyfriend work at the same place or no, this excuse can always help. The male ego is equally competitive and when your girl is asking for some professional help, it projects you as an intellectual person. I can bet your boyfriend will go to all extremes to help you and along with you can continue chit-chatting also.

Can drop me somewhere tomorrow?

Hey sorry, called just to check I have to go out at Ruby’s (any friend)place tomorrow and will get late on the way back, so there’ll be no cabs or anything, so, could you pick me up from there and drop me home? So if you can drop me, I will confirm her about the plan with. Who will not like to meet his girlfriend’s pretty gang of girls? So maybe you can start a good chat with her about your gang, his gang and so on.

Colleague’s Birthday Party

I have to go to a friend’s birthday party, he’s just a casual and formal friend but helping with something really important at Office, so can’t say no, and nor do I want to go alone, so could you come with me?” Insecurity is the key here; your boyfriend will surely enquire a lot about it, so here goes the chat session.

“Did you receive an invite to Ruby’s party?”

Give a chance to your common friend to be a part of your cute lie bundle here. Obviously, there is no invite but who cares, you can end up saying “ Oh I forgot, she said she will cancel it and she told me also”.

I was wondering if you can come for shopping with me, I will say no to mom if you can come

This excuse is a double bundle of joy, you can call your boyfriend and along with making a plan for a casual date, well he doesn’t know about it but surely you will make him feel like by dressing up so much like a date.

I want you to help me pick a gift for my Dad, it’s his birthday.

Your boyfriend will definitely like the idea too, it is time to build an impression the why not. You can start discussing where you can go or what to pick and so on.

Can you suggest to me a good salon in the town for men?

My cousin is new to this place and I am not sure of any and you know how much I like your hairdo.

Planning a couple’s party at my place, mom and dad are going out and will come late.

No boyfriend will ever say no to this and end this discussion there and then. So there goes the call and chance to talk to him.

I want you to meet my bestie from college, he is in town

Insecurity, girl friend’s old friend is back in town and meeting up with his girl. How can he let you go alone? I am sure he will have a lot of questions to ask.

Can you help me convince my mom for keeping the pet

Another chance your boyfriend will not like to miss, so here goes your excuse to initiate a big fat chat.

Sympathy Game

Just call and start crying or sounding low, your boyfriend will surely ask what went wrong and where? Don’t forget to stretch the conversation by saying “no nothing, I will handle, you enjoy, I don’t want to ruin your mood”.

I have been selected for the job, but am confused

It is about your career after all and a good boyfriend will never take it for granted, even if he can talk about it later but he will surely congratulate you and talk a bit. So if he can, you can also.

Do share your comments or ideas if you have any to share regarding the same. If any of our excuses has helped you, please give us a thumbs up in our comment section, your word means a lot to us!