6 Helpful Excuses for Accidentally Calling Someone on WhatsApp

How many times it happens to you that you call someone accidentally on WhatsApp? Several of times, right?  Okay, How many times this happens to you that someone calls you and tell you that they got a call from you on WhatsApp and when you check the call log, you get to know they were right? What do you say when you call someone by mistake on WhatsApp? The best you can do after such an accidental blunder is offer an apology… just say sorry.

Though calling accidentally is not a big deal really, unless you call your Ex., Obviously you don’t want to confess that you were stalking even if you were or were not. OR worst even, when the call goes to an odd person like the grocery guy, secretary of your building, your mean friend, an acquaintance or anyone who falls in the similar category for you. So, here is our compilation of 6 Helpful Excuses for Accidentally Calling Someone on WhatsApp, let’s read it.

Calling someone on WhatsApp by Mistake
Calling someone on WhatsApp by Mistake, Image Credit: SysTweak

1. Phone was unlocked, it was a pocket dial

Sounds like the real thing, it happens a lot and to most of us. “My pocket likes you or it was my butt who is to blame” Depending on your chemistry or reputation with the person you called accidentally, you can add or delete such lines.

2. Text Back and Say “called by mistake”

Things get a little simpler when you accidentally call someone and that someone doesn’t answer to your call then. Just drop a message that you called by mistake, no elaborative clarification and delineation required.

3. Blame the kid- It’s my niece or nephew who called

You don’t have to feel bad about it at all; kids often do this on purpose or maybe not.

4. Finger Slipped, accidentally pressed the call button

“Accidentally pressed the call button”, you may add if required, “Was searching the forward funny joke you sent few days back” This excuse is best when you have recently communicated with that person or if ever even in last few months.

5. Blame the WhatsApp

It is always safe to blame the technology for your accidental blunders. After excusing yourself for the call you made accidentally to the person, call again at least twice and keep mum. This excuse is best in case of old friends, mean friends or pure odd people like your boss or teachers.

6. My granny messed up again

Yesterday, for fun sake I taught my granny about the WhatsApp thing, so she was practicing her hand on sending text but instead pressed the call button. This really works, at least for me it did, when actually my mother called my dentist four times in a row while doing her graduation in WhatsApp, jokes apart, along with the call, she actually forwarded some random clicks also while getting her hands on experience with WhatsApp.

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For general cases, like in case of call to your good friend or close relative, simple statement works as an excuse, just take the blame and say “I called just to check on your well being. All good here, will call you back sometime”.