10 Most Useful Excuses For Missing An Interview [Valid Reasons]

Well, that’s so true when you are searching for a job you don’t get it but as you get a call from one, you get another equally good choice of opportunity from another organization. The more the merrier is true but not always or all at once, you need time to think about the offer or maybe you are already booked for a second round or final HR round of interview on the same day or time. So, What’s a good excuse for missing an interview? Or What is a good reason to reschedule an interview?

You cannot afford to lose it before getting it or maybe you are not in a position genuinely to be present on the date that’s been allotted to you. How do I decline an interview? How do I decline an interview or request a rescheduling without being sounding unprofessional or insincere? Let’s read in this article about some of the most workable excuses for missing an interview. But before you read this, we still believe, honesty is the best policy and it is always good, to tell the truth, but if you think it won’t help you, help yourself with our useful set of 10 excuses for missing an interview. Let’s read it!

Excuses For Missing An Interview
Excuses For Missing An Interview, Image Credit: cydcor .com

Migraine Attack!

Severe health issues like migraine or contagious allergies, flu, diarrhea, or food poisoning can occur anytime to anyone. You just have to sound right “low” while informing the Interviewer or if that’s not possible, simply text sincere apologies and mention the excuse.

Date Confusions!

I am sorry, I really messed up, I forgot to inform you about the annual meet with Management at the same time. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience and give me a chance by rescheduling the interview for any day in the coming week. Trust us, your sincerity and so-called honest professional approach will be considered for sure.

All Flights are Booked!

Travel Excuses works best, especially if the interview was scheduled at a short notice or the interviewing company is not offering you the travel arrangements. So, find the travel excuse that works the best for you as per your location or area.

 I Got My Dream Job!

If you are refusing an interview as you don’t really wish to join the company for some reason, you can simply inform that you have decided to venture into your family business or some new venture with your partner, colleague, or whosoever you think is fine.

 I Just Got a Call from My Last Interview Before This was Scheduled!

Fair enough, you are on a job hunt and genuinely you can get the offer letter just before the day your interview was scheduled.

Serious Injuries from Accident!

Fake it that you had an accident just before the day of the interview and you have serious injuries and have been advised complete bed rest. This excuse will buy sufficient time for you.

Family Emergency!

Family Emergencies or house emergencies always work. Accidents, death, or gas leak, such emergencies can not be ignored, so why not use it for missing an interview.

An Urgent Meet Announced at My Present Work!

You got a call from your boss and he is asking you to submit the final project review at the same date and time. Now your interviewing company can’t question your work emergency unless they have promised you to give you an offer, right?

My Cat is Sick!

Very rare but very genuine excuse, your pet has fallen sick all of a sudden, she is constantly vomiting or anything like that. Do try this, this is one unique yet very much believable excuse.

My Assistant Messed the Date!

You instructed your assistant not to keep any meetings at the scheduled time and she kept a meet with the most important Vendor and you can’t risk this opportunity. Such work-related excuses really work well.

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