Top 10 Excuses for Not Doing Assignment [Good Reasons For Not Doing An Assignment]

While it is so normal that every once in a blue moon or a normal moon, students fail to finish their assignment, What’s a good excuse for not doing an assignment? The normality doesn’t end here, even the teachers are also aware of the excuses that students give for not doing their assignments on time. Some teachers are easy to approach and confide in while others are a tough stone. Convincing such teachers get tough as they give a deaf ear to excuses unless you have really good or convincing one to offer.

What are the reasons for not doing homework? Honestly, reasons are most of the time excuses only but those excuses cannot rescue you from teachers’ scolding or negative remarks in your assessment report. Let’s find in this article, What to say when you didn’t do an assignment to convince your teacher?

Excuses for Not Doing Assignment
Excuses for Not Doing Assignment, Image Credit: edtechnology

Someone stole my notebook!

You are not to blame, you finished it n time with so much hard work but someone stole it, really sad!

I was absent the day it was assigned!

Obviously, your teacher will not approve of this excuse wholly but definitely, you will get a day’s chance to finish it and get markings for it.

One of the classmates borrowed it and today he is absent!

Well, it is all about your understanding, you can easily blame the friend or classmate who is not present on the day of submission. Make sure to confide the concerned one later.

I was not well!

Once in a while, health excuses are accepted, so if you don’t have a history of using those, you are ready to go.

House Emergency!

Your room is getting renovated and your study room is totally packed and messed up, you can’t use it or enter it. You can say that you forgot to take ut books lying on the shelf before they started.

My Laptop broke!

If the assignment is digital or requires laptop use, this excuse is one of the safest ones to use.

Blame the Network!

Another related one, blame your slow or dead network for not completing the submission that required research work or other internet-related support.

My Dad Accidently took the file with him, thinking it to be his official one!

Another excellent piece, obviously, your teacher is not going to punish you for your dad’s mistake. If your assignment was to be done on a separate file, such excuses can really work as most of the files look alike.

I gave it to my dad for spiral binding, he accidentally left it at his office!

Another related parent excuse, make sure to be a little careful while using those as your teacher might mention it at Parents Teacher Meet.

Had an appointment with Dentist!

Dental problems are one of the best excuses to use, you had an appointment and you got late there, so could not finish it, though you started it.

Honestly, it is better to understand that excuse won’t help you but your assignment will surely help you grow in life. But it is also okay to be lazy at times or late if there is on real emergency that can’t be confided. If you like our ideas, do give us your love and feedback for motivation.