8 Good Excuses for Not Doing Homework in Online Class

Homework is one word that’s a night mare to most of the students and is the most frustrating activity ever. Not only this, they also have separate synonyms for this word and that too a totally different set as listed in Oxford or any dictionary in the world. Wish to learn this new special personalized vocabulary? Please continue reading to the last of this article. But irrespective of what you think or say there is no escape for it during your school term. It has to be done whether you like it or no.

Okay, we understand that there are actually times that you are not in the state of mind to finish it, knowing what can be the consequences, knowing how procrastinating will not only increase the burden. You have your reasons no matter how silly, invalid or bogus but for these times, you need a real good and believable excuses that can save them from getting a punishment from their teachers. Let’s read in this article- What is a good excuse for not doing online homework?

 Excuses for Not Doing Homework in Online Class
Excuses for Not Doing Homework in Online Class, Image Credit: edtechnology .co.uk

My dad took away the Laptop

For some reasons, you had done the assignment in your dad’s laptop and now he has taken it to the office. Or maybe he is not even the city, he had to go suddenly, work call. Here you can buy some time to finish it because even if your teacher asks you to get it on email, it may take time. Your dad’s mobile is in no network zone or aeroplane mode.

My Dog tore It

You got a new dog at house and he is not trained and he accidentally tore the assignment. If you do not have any pet, may be you can say it was your neighbor’s pet.

I did not understand the concept

Well this one excuse surely may also get an appreciation as your teacher is convince about your sincerity and eagerness to learn. Or simply say it was a bit tough for you and you were about to ask for an extra help from your teacher after the school.

My device crashed

Last night my laptop crashed and I am even attending class from my mom’s laptop. You can’t really help such disasters of technology and devices.

 Practicing for the contest

I was practicing the piano for the intra-school instrumental contest. Works well when actually you have a competition approaching. But in other cases you are at the destiny of your teacher’s inquisitive nature.

Extra- curricular activity took all the time

This excuse is quite related to the above excuse but this works as most of the school encourages students to be a part of it. And if you are really a part of any such activity and teacher knows about it , you can be spared from the penalty.

I wasn’t there when this work was assigned

I was logged out of the class for some time because of poor connection and may be this is then where you (teacher) mentioned about the assignment.

Blame the Sibling

My sister just spoiled it, she accidentally dropped paint on it. Now obviously your teacher cannot punish you for what your sibling did accidentally and you will get some time to do it again.

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Whatever is your mood or excuse but take it as an advise, don’t make it a habit as in that case no excuse will work for you. About the new vocabulary, Homework means an absolutely redundant activity, mundane stuff, hobby of nincompoops, needless and unwanted work.

Actually as per them, the whole idea of giving homework is only to harass kids or to mock them. Well that’s not true and even you know it.