11 Useful Excuses for Self-Harm Scars [Really Working Excuses]

What excuses can I give when someone sees the self-harm cuts on my leg or any part of my body? Self-harm no matter what your reasons were is never acceptable and appreciated. Forget others’ validation, even you yourself will not approve of your actions later in the past, the shreds of evidence of that moment, self-harm scars make you feel embarrassed about your decisions. The situation becomes even weirder when someone notices those scars and asks about them.

Now, obviously, you are not going, to tell the truth as you are not proud of it rather you are ashamed or embarrassed about it. Whether the scar is fresh or old, you need reasons or excuses for those marks on your body. But next time, even if the thought of hurting yourself crosses your mind no matter how angry, upset, or depressed you are, just remember, this action will only add to your problems. What are some good excuses for self-harm scars on someone’s wrists? Let’s find in this article, some of the good excuses to be used for self-harm scars.

Excuses for Self-Harm Scars
Excuses for Self-Harm Scars, Image Credit: James Heilman, MD

1. I fell on the floor while I was holding the glass of water in my hand!

This can be the most common and convincing scenario that can happen with anybody. It is normal to get some scar when you will fall on the glass pieces.

2. Oh, don’s ask, it’s a long and funny story but a bit embarrassing will tell you later!

Sometimes taking things or complicated questions lightly also ease up the intensity of it. So, just wink and add spice and mystery to others’ curiosity while saying so. Once they will be sure, there is nothing serious associated with it, they are an easy shift to another topic of conversation, Right?

3. Blame your childhood classmate!

My classmate scratched my wrist with the pointed compass as I scored higher than him. Silly yet believable, we all have such so-called enemies during our childhood.

4. Oh this is nothing of what I have on my back, I had a severe accident, I got hit by a car while riding a bicycle!

Accidental claims can help you for sure for hiding self-harm scars and if the question is coming from someone close who should be aware of this, just add, it happened at school or college, but never share at home.

5. It happened during Trekking, I got scratched by the pointed thorny shrub, as I accidentally slipped!

Trek is adventurous and some injuries are normal, so this excuse may help you too without raising any eyebrows.

6. My wallet fell on the fence during my run at the park!

Fence at parks is a normal thing and it can happen to anybody, so why not.

7. My sister was flaunting her nail extensions and scratched me!

Siblings often get into small fights so it is simple, she scratched you as you called her nails fake and brittle.

8. Blame your little nephew or niece!

You can blame them directly or say, you got starched while playing hide n seek with them in the dark in the garden.

9. Blame your pet!

This is the most simple and most convincing excuse for self-harm scars, so if you won a pet, you are lucky and if you don’t, who is going to check whether any of your friends own or not.

10. Monkey scratched my hand at the zoo!

Narrate a small picnic scenario or outing at the zoo, where you were offering or teasing the little ape for banana.

11. It was my Ex-, she was very short-tempered!

If you had any or you have ant story of a breakup, add a little drama to it. And if you in reality don’t have any, you can always fake someone who doesn’t exist, as a matter of fact, her violent behavior was the cause of your breakup.

Do let us know if our excuses helped you in any way by giving us a comment or a thumbs up in our comment section. Thanks for the Read!