8 Truthful Reasons and Excuses for Sick Leave During Work From Home

What are believable sick day excuses during work from home? When you are working from home, it is actually very hard to find a legit excuse to get even a day’s off especially if you are asking for a sick leave. In regular work scenarios even small excuse of flu works as there are chance of spread of infection. But work from home makes things so complicated; your health is taken almost for granted by employers. Most of the employers already feel like you never work. Nobody is watching anyway, so asking for a leave is completely out of question.

So, gone are the days when simple excuses could get you a off from your office, now you need to have a real good excuse a for sick leave but before you do so, keep in mind few things. Firstly, don’t forget that there will be real times too when you will have to apply or take a sick leave as well, so sounding genuine is vitally important here. Second and the most important, stay away from social media, that’s one blunder that people do and get caught. Let’s read about 8 Truthful Reasons and Excuses for Sick Leave During Work From Home.

Sick Leave During Work from Home
Sick Leave During Work from Home, Image Credit: Trek .in

1. Back Pain

As most of us may not have the right set up of work area at home like proper work desk, chair etc so we end up working on beds or sofas. So, back pain is one excuse that makes up for a legitimate excuse for a sick leave.

2. Migraine

Migraine needs no specific timing, cause or reason and makes you actually vulnerable so that’s another conventional yet believable excuse you can give while asking for a sick leave.

3. Appointment with a Dentist

Your tooth cap came out last night and you were in constant pain the whole night, so an appointment with the dentist is the first thing you need for the following day. You can also use Root Canal Treatment excuse for a sick day leave.

4. Food Poisoning

You ordered food from some new food joint near you as no one was home to cook for you and you were too busy working to do so on your own. So food poisoning is one serious and legit excuse to ask for a sick leave.

5. Urinary Tract Infection

This health condition is like not very usual and thus makes up for one of the most truthful reason for a sick day leave. It comes with symptoms of fever and strong urge to pee often with a burning sensation, obviously, you need a sick leave.

6. Accident

May sound dramatic but if goes well with your sincere reputation and can get you a sick leave without much explanation. Any kind of accident, slipping in the bathroom, severe back injury in the back or you got your hand twisted, such excuses always work.

7. Period Cramps or Stomachache

Well as the title suggests, works well for women and more especially if you have a male boss and yet you chose to confide.

Menstruation with typical painful symptoms or conditions like AUB (abnormal uterine bleeding), PMS (premenstrual syndrome), PMDD (premenstrual dysphonic disorder) is one of the most believable excuse for sick leave. Men can use stomachache, diarrhea as an excuse instead.

8. Virus Symptoms

The ongoing pandemic is the best excuse provided you haven’t actually been diagnosed with it earlier. You can use any of the symptoms like body pain, fever, cough, cold etc.

What is the best sickness excuse to miss work or What are believable sick day excuses? Well, you can count on any of these excuses.

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Just try and sound real and control your expressions, think before of how you would behave if you were actually ill or taking a sick leave. Do let us know in our comment section if you have used any excuse which worked for you and which is not listed above too.