How Do You Start a Conversation With Your Crush Over Text: Find Excuses for Texting Your Crush

She loves me not; she loves me and plucking the petal of poor flower, really? No, I don’t think plucking flower has ever helped someone even getting a tiny attention of Crushes. So, what’s really better than asking straightaway to your Crush? But if things would have been really this simple, you would not have been searching the browser “the excuses for texting your crush” and we would also have not been dedicating a blog to it.

Okay, so your reputation doesn’t really support a “Coquette or Mr. Hands” kind of image but you do want to start a conversation with your crush over text ( to start with) without being sounding cliché or cheesy, Right? So, let’s read here some of the fine excuses that can really help you start a conversation with your Crush over text.

Start a Conversation With Your Crush Over Text
Start a Conversation With Your Crush Over Text, Image Source: glympse .com

Do some Research

So, the first thing you need to do is do a little research. Check out her/his social media account, status, Insta feeds and understand a least a bit about his/her likes or dislikes. Your feeds and stories speak a lot about your taste, your likes or interest, so do your homework first.

Now, when you know something about her like she/he is a fan of Hollywood movies or series or have a hobby, you need to do research about that a bit. See nothing comes for free, your texts may be free but your feelings are priceless, so do your part. Common interests, topics are always a great communication starter.

React on the Feeds

Start your conversation like “ Hey, How have you been, I really liked the setup of your balcony, I saw it on your status. It’s so beautiful; you have actually transformed the little space into a nature’s paradise. I have been trying to buy some plants for my indoors too but actually am a total amateur in that, so though of asking for your help”.

Now ask her/him a comfortable time to accompany you and buy stuff together, if even you are not the one to have that hobby, go buy one or two and gift one as a gesture to your Crush.

Send an Invite

Plan a day out or movie with your common friends and drop a text, “Hey…. Send the invite and text”, “It would be great if you will join too”. Simple and sweet but make sure you make a genuine plan and actually invite atleast two of your common friends.

A wrong Emoji is always the Right

Sending flirty emoji’s like a kissing emoji, hug, a wink or emoji like ring or couple can be the first step to start your conversation. A wrong emoji always grabs attention; there are 100 percent chances of getting a reply back either with a inquisitive emoji or a curious question. So time for some Emoji Charades! Continue the mystery for some time, just continue sending a new and deep one on each revert or no revert.

Tell a Relatable Story

“I was watching -the boy next door, the JLo’s character Claire (or any intense and appealing character) reminded me of you”, then wait and act according to the response. Make sure you know something about the character you are talking about and it should have some nice appealing traits that are flattering enough to impress your Crush.

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Don’t be impatient if you immediately don’t get a response or feel like as if you are ghosted, be positive, may be your Crush is in mood of testing you more or waiting to see the more intense side of you. Do share your experiences in our comment section about how you started conversation with your Crush or if our blog really helped you to woo your Crush.