10 Excuses For Your Eyes Being Red [Best Excuses and Reasons to Tell]

Have you been actually interrogated for having red eyes? People who know you for your party habits or drinking habits often judge you or annoy you with frustrating remarks or comments or questions already and with red eyes, it is like they have got the chance to hit you again. Also, there are few people who just like to show their fake concern and impose their healthy lifestyle on you.

So, how to shut them up if you have red eyes? What is an excuse for red eyes? Whatever is your reason for having red eyes, it is not mandatory that you owe an explanation, so you just need a simple excuse why you have red eyes and there is nothing to make stories about. Let’s read in this article about 10 Excuses For Your Eyes Being Red to be given at the workplace or to colleagues, parents, or your spouses or girlfriends or boyfriends!

Excuses For Your Eyes Being Red
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What is an excuse for red eyes?

I am Prone to Allergies!

Yes, that’s true, some people with really high IgE levels (Immunoglobulin) are more prone to allergies. They are affected or can be affected by any kind of foreign substance present in the air like dust, pollutants, etc. So, shut the mouth with this verified medical excuse if you have red eyes and you don’t want them to doubt about your last night hangover.

I tried Contact Lens!

Yes, that’s also a fact, some people tend to have red eyes with the use of contact lenses. Whether you wear spectacles or not, fashion contact lenses or vision contact lenses can be blamed.

Pet Allergy!

Your neighbor adopted a new cat and he brought it to your house last night and you are allergic to pets, you got an allergy to eyes. Simple and logical.

Overexposure of Laptop!

You have been working on the laptop for so long hours these days because of some new project that your eyes got red of fatigue maybe.

Shower Blues or Reds!

During the shower, you accidentally pour the shampoo or the soapy water into your eyes. Fair enough and very relatable too.

Blame the Climate!

Whatever is the climate, you can always blame it for allergies. Each human is different and allergic to certain weather or climatic conditions.

Construction at House – Dust

This is one of the most believable excuses that can be used for red eyes. You are at the construction site or maybe some construction work is going on at your house, you can blame it on the dust.

Mascara Bleed!

If you are a female, this is the best that excuse that you can use for red eyes. You can say a mascara bleed or it was a reaction to a new eye cosmetic product.


Yes, that’s true, even sunscreen exposure in the eyes can also cause burning sensation and redness. So why not use it as an excuse for red eyes.

My nephew accidentally blew leaching powder towards me!

Last but definitely the most epic excuse, blame your little nephew or niece for blowing the bleach powder in your eyes accidentally while working on the school project.

Do you have more ideas or any specific idea or excuse that helped you in such a situation? Do let us know in our comment section and if you liked any of our excuses, do tell us that too.