Understandable Excuses to Ask Your Parents for Money

What is a good excuse to ask for money from parents? There can be many excuses that can work here provided your reputation with your parents in terms of fund management is not bad. No matter how smart you feel you are, don’t forget that they are your parents and they know your tendencies and nature too well. So, How can I trick my parents to give me money?

At times it becomes really cringy too when you are old enough to do so. Your parents also have certain limitations, no matter what kind of income group your family falls in.  So, What are some excuses to tell your parents? Or, How can I get money from my dad? Or, maybe Mom? Before you learn ways to trick your parents for money, make sure to have some empathy, be considerate, and try to use your money well.  So, let’s move to our article which is full of understandable excuses to ask your parents for money.

Excuses to Ask Your Parents for Money
Excuses to Ask Your Parents for Money, Image Credit: financialexpress .com

I am taking Emily (random name) on a date

Usually, dads are cool, and they even take pride in their transparent upbringing, when their young kid comes to them and tell about their crush or related date stories. So, if you think your dad is cool, you should really go for this excuse.

Group studies and Meals

You and your friends (maybe 5 to 6) have to go to your friend’s place for group study for the latest group project as he has the required gadgets. You all have decided not to trouble his/her parents for meals as it might take time and taking lunch from home would be embarrassing for them so, you need money to contribute.

Project Expenses

Taking the lead from our previous excuse, asking money for school projects also works. Where is the stuff you bought? Well stay prepared, you have left everything at your friends’ place as you all are collecting there for it.

Your Investment Backfired

Asking money from parents especially when you are big enough to earn or even earning gets really tough and embarrassing but when you have no one to go to, remember, you have your parents. Tell them about some investment plan that you thought will give you good yield failed and cause you some losses.

You have to lend money to some needy

Another good excuse to get money from parents, your parents will surely feel proud that you are helping someone in need. Remember to tell your parents that you are not expecting any return soon.

Charity or Donation at School

Often universities and schools organize such fundraising events, so you can use this fundraising excuse to get money from them. Here is a small piece of advice, give some amount of it literally to the charity or make sure to do it in the future without taking it from your parents again.

Emotional torture – I am feeling low and poor

Such emotional words and related expressions work best with parents. Tell them, you have been avoiding all the events and get together with friends for few months and now feel excluded and low.

Tell them a story – you have been the free boarder

No parent would like others to think of their kid as a free boarder. You can tell your parents, you have been taking a lift from your friend’s parents for school all the time and now thinking of giving a gift or taking your friend out for a meal as a gesture.

Best friend’s birthday

It’s your bestie’s birthday and you have planned to give him/her a nice gift, she/he organized the surprise party for you at her/his home at her/his expense.