20 Bulletproof Excuses to be Late on Rent Payments

Wondering what brings me to this article? Here it is, I got genuinely late twice and that too in a row for my rent payment and was thinking of one fine excuse that can help me save my rapport with him. Quite relatable and common, this happens and to most of us and many of times and despite of narrating the real reason for the delay we look for more convincing excuses. What do you say when your rent is late?

We cannot all the time be like – Oh I forgot to pay it or bluntly accept that I was out of cash, image issues are actually too big than we actually perceive them. You don’t want to ruin your image in front of the Broker or Real Estate Agent or even your land lord may be because he is the coolest one who never intervenes or maybe you will not find this cool pace in your budget. So, what is a good excuse for not paying rent on time? Let’s scroll down to find 20 Bulletproof Excuses to be Late on Rent Payments.

Excuses to be Late on Rent Payments
Excuses to be Late on Rent Payments

Transportation vulnerabilities

If you have to pay the rent in person, transportation is necessary. You could use an excuse like, “My car was at the service centre.

“You weren’t home”

If you are aware of any particular schedule of your landlord, then you can use coming at exactly that time as an excuse. For example, you know that they leave for gym at 7:30, so you can say that you came around 7:40 but they weren’t home.

Server down

If you use online payment for payment of rent, you can use the bank server being down as an excuse.

Blame the weather

If the weather is actually bad, the network will be too. You can use this as a valid excuse but make sure that you use this when the weather is actually unpredictable since a few days.

“I was travelling”

I was not in town because of an official visit to a remote area.” Travelling excuse works well for delay payments.

I did not realize my funds were short in bank account

We often use different bank accounts for different purposes. You can use this as an excuse, you can say you just use this account for payment of bills or rent and your regular ECS failed as your salary wasn’t credited on the scheduled day or anything like this.

“I sent the cheque in the post already.”

A simple claim that you have already mailed the cheque can give you leverage of two to three days maximum but not further.

I am switching my bank account, facing terrible issues here

Blame the bank and say you are shifting your funds to a new account. Do clearly mention that you have started with the process and it will be done in few days.

I can’t find my checkbook, have requested a new one at bank

You have lost your cheque book and obviously you tried finding it first two days then you finally requested the Bank to issue a new one. You will be collecting it today and will issue the cheque accordingly.

Lockdown or Service Closed

Especially in today’s times, there are lockdowns, services are interrupted and if you are also using one particular service or medium for payment of rent you can use it as an excuse. For instance, if you use the Postal Service for payment, you can say it was shut entirely or got shut early.

Let’s quickly scroll down to few smarter moves or excuses for delayed rent, continue reading here!

Contractual Differences

If a broker is involved, you may simply say I wanted check with the Broker about one clause which was to be altered after 6 months, so got late. Or if you are paying through him, you can say, he was not available. Change the number or the clause whatever suits the best in your case.

Was too busy with the Audit at Office

Simply apologize saying was too busy with the Audit at Office.

Emergency in the family

Any kind of emergency in family can be used as an excuse for delayed rent.

Was ill

Health issues do work brilliantly if you have otherwise clean reputation with your landlord in terms of rent payments.

We might move, so thought of full n final payment but the plan got cancelled

A simple transfer move is enough to get you four to five days of leverage from rent, but yes you can use this excuse only once with a landlord.

Was trying to reach you, your phone was not reachable

You can try this excuse if you go in person to pay your rent.

My roommate hasn’t paid me his/her half.

If you are on sharing basis and you are the representative, this excuse may help you. You can put the blame on your room mate who is not in touch with the landlord. But again, this excuse is also limited edition, because if the roommate is being referred by you, it is your accountability.

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I was not in town, my roommate was supposed to pay it

Another room mate situation, you can mix up saying that I thought he/she will pay, as I was not in town.

Payment transaction failed since a few days

Another technical and common issue that can be used for delay rent payment, transaction failed I tried three-four times.

Lost my card

I lost my card and had to block it, will be getting the new one in a day or two. Or you can say you received it today only.

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