11 Working Ideas and Excuses to Leave The House At Night

What is a good excuse to go out at night? Nighttime gets tough especially when you have to seek parents’ permission for going out. The reason or excuse has to be strong enough to justify and earn their trust. You can’t really blame them for their concern too but can’t really drop your plan too. Call it the DND time or traffic-free time or absolutely no work call time but all wonderful plans like partying, boozing, road trips with friends or boyfriends or girlfriends happen at night.

What excuses can I make to go out at night? But before you get to any of such exciting plans, you have to find answers to not only one but several questions of your parents or guardians like why can’t you do it in the day time, Is there no one else to help him other than you or why you need to go now, etc., etc. So let’s readout 11 Working Ideas and Excuses to Leave The House At Night.

Group studies

One of the oldest yet one of the most workable plans for students no matter school or college. You can always create a backup in advance at home that your friend is taking some privileged coaching etc. and can help with your doubts.

Late Night Shifts at Office

If you are working and your office does have light night shifts, you can always make an excuse about the double shift or the emergency night shift, or the substitute shift for a colleague.

Hospital Emergency

Any kind of hospital emergency with a friend can help you get out of the house but do your homework well or your parent might insist on accompanying you too. The best is to get a friend at home who will take you out to help another friend with such an emergency. If possible, manage to give a call from some random hospital after a few hours to make your excuse more bulletproof.

Party Night

Let’s be open and tell our parents that all the batchmates have planned a party at night at the hostel or at someone’s place as no one wants to miss the classes and tuitions in the morning and evening. Parents will love the honesty and will easily fall into the trap if you will do some advance planning like bringing the situation in your conversation often saying they are planning and insisting everyone has to come or there will be no party.

SleepOut Emergencies

Your friend’s parents have gone out and he/she is alone at home or maybe alone with his old granny and requesting you to stay by at night. Now, this depends on your friend’s reputation as well, if it is good, not many questions will be asked.

Movie Night

If you have a good reputation with your parents or guardians, they will easily excuse you for a movie night at a known or trusted friend’s house. If you doubt that, tell them a more tricky situation like all friends is planning a trip to someplace for two days.

Official Tour or Meet

You have to reach early in the morning for the meet in another city so not taking a chance and taking late-night flight. The official excuse for travel or meets is generally the best. If you think they will doubt that, prepone the event to the same night and leave home in the afternoon or early evening.

Friend’s Car Broke in a Remote Area

There is no mechanic around and that area is also quite lonely, so you are going to pick him/her up or help with the situation like if you have the Stepney or the fuel if the situation is like this.

Cops Arrested your Friend

Cops have arrested your friend for rash driving or for not carrying the license. Your friend has given your reference or name to the cop as he/she is new to the city and you are the only one he/she finds trustworthy.

A friend got Stuck in the Bathroom

Your friend stays alone or is today alone at home and is tuck in the bathroom from inside. You have the extra key to the house which he handed you for an emergency. You have no option else than to go and help him come out.

Surprise Birthday Plan

Tell your parents that a few friends or batch mates have planned to throw a surprise party to this one friend at 12 in the night, so you have to go out too.

Do tell us if our ideas helped you or you have any to share too!