Top 10 Ideas and Excuses To Parents For Going Out

How do I convince my strict parents to let me go out? Call it your parents being strict on you or call it being overprotective, result is one, you need a legitimate excuse to get things to go your way. What are good lies to tell your parents to go out? Let’s fabricate the word lie here with an idea or excuse to cut down a bit on the guilt, but whether it’s a date or a simple movie plan or hanging out with friends, you can’t risk a no. Right?

What are some good excuses to go out for parents? Here we have in this article, a list of a few brilliant excuses that can get you permission from your parents with a smile on their face. But before we get on to those ideas, remember a few tips, stay calm and polite, and if possible, try not to mess up the moods before you are about to use one of the excuses to go out. So, let’s get to the Top 10 Ideas and Excuses To Parents For Going Out!

Friendship Diaries!

We all have one friend who is our buddy and even our parent’s favorite too, so it is time to use his/her name. For example, you can say, Lily (a random name) is lately been feeling too lonely or stressed and her mom has requested you if you can accompany her for a few hours.

I am going for a group studies!

This excuse works most of the time provided, you are able to maintain your good scores. You can always tell your parents how group studies help as you all help each other with their doubts and a few of the friends in the group are also taking professional coaching, so that helps more.

Extra Class or Doubt Class!

This excuse works the best if your outing plan is in the late afternoon or early evening. So tell your parents, your Science teacher has kept a Doubt Class on request and you are going for that to her place or school (whatever works in your case).

Helping Friend’s Granny with Groceries Shopping!

This excuse is surely going to get a pat on your shoulder. You can tell your parents that your friends and her parents are out for some emergency and she has requested you to help the old granny get stuff from Market or anything else that she needs. She is too old and can’t manage alone.

Library Excuse!

I am going to Library to make extra notes for exams, this is yet another good excuse to convince your parents for going out.

Group Project Deadline!

The teacher has assigned a project and the deadline is tomorrow, so we all are gathering at Lily’s place (random name), it’s close to the library as well. You will be good to go with this excuse, obviously, parents will never mess up with school projects and the grades.

Celebrity Goals!

You can tell your parents that your favorite author is in town and your friend’s dad knows him too, so it is your chance to meet him/her.

Friends Emergency!

Tell your parents that there is an emergency at a friend’s place like parents are out and a young sibling has accidentally fallen or something like that.

Honesty is the Best Policy!

If you have been using excuses mostly, we suggest honestly telling your parents about the plan of going out, you can always surprise your parents with honesty.

Do tell us, if you liked our ideas or if any helped you. Thanks for the read!