Top 10 Excuses to Quit a Job You Just Started

What is a good excuse for quitting your job you just started? You need definitely a good and legitimate excuse for quitting the new job as it may harm your career in long run. Corporate world is like a circle, you never know who you meet where and one silly move can put your reputation at stake in the whole industry. You can be blacklisted by the company; you can actually ruin your impression with the Placement agency that got you the offer.

Quitting the new job may also risk your financial position especially if you do not have another sound option in your hand. So, how do I quit a job I just started one day ago, what can be the decent excuse? Let’s read in this article about ten excuses that may work the best for you if you are about to quit a job that you have just started. But before we start, here is the advice, while informing your hiring manager, stay polite and also you must express the gratitude towards the company or the Manager to have given you the opportunity.

Quit a Job You Just Started
Quit a Job You Just Started, Image Source: timewise

Schedules and Working Hours doesn’t really suit me

You may simply apologize to you Manager while quoting this excuse. Stay calm and take the blame that you are not able to adjust with the timings and schedule because of your personal problems, health problems or family problems.

My previous company had offered me a promotion

I have got better opportunity with my previous company. They are offering me the role and promotion which is best for my career in the long run. Your hiring manager may feel disappointed but in the end it will also improve or build your impression.

The job doesn’t go in direction of my long time career goals

I don’t want to waste the resources; by staying in this job I might not be able to justify the role for a long time.

My daughter has severe health issues, moist climate doesn’t suit her

You can simply give this reason if you the new job requires you to move into a new or different climatic condition.

Schooling Problem

You can also excuse yourself for quitting the new job if your kids are facing schooling problems like they are doing to good in their previous school or excelling in some particular co curricular activity which is not available in schools in the new area.

Parents Health Issues

A simple excuse that my parents are dependent on me and their health doesn’t allow them to shift to the new area or city. If the job is in the same city, you can put the blame on working hours or transportation time.

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Relocation cost or standard of living is too high

Money is one of the motivating factors for a job switch and if the switch doesn’t satisfy that factor or on the contrary affect your finances, it is not worth taking or continuing.

Got a job in my dream company

Getting a job in your dream company is one excuse that really justifies your this career move. So go for it, but do some research about the company and the role which you are about to join, you might be asked.

A friend need help with the startup

I have been planning to start my own company but had some financial issues but now friend want sme to join him and start our own company.

Better Healthcare Facilities

My mom needs to go for dialysis regularly and a better medical facility which is not available here. You can also say I am moving to some particular city as health facility is better over there, so might have to take a break from your job.