12 Really Working Excuses to Tell Wife to Go Out of House [Reasons To Leave House]

What is a good excuse to get out of the house? How many times has this happened to you that you have been spending more time at the workplace or with friends and your wife is not happy about it? This is the most common scenario of every household. Considering the scenario, you will be expected to stay home on weekends, or if stepping out, it should be with your wife or family only. You may also be one of those who must have promised their better half the same promise on their own just to be out last weekend with friends.

Whatever be your reasons for not balancing your time or staying mostly out, you fell into the trap again as you get a call from your friend about another planned hangout on a weekend or a particular date of your holiday. Now, you need a really good excuse to tell your wife to go out of the house. Let’s find out in this article about 12 really workable excuses to step out of home with due permission or consent of your wife.

Excuses to Tell Wife to Go Out of House
Excuses to Tell Wife to Go Out of House, Image Credit: Above & Beyond Christian Counseling

Blood Donation Camp Volunteer!

Tell your wife, you have volunteered for a blood donation camp to be conducted at someplace( which is obviously not in her reach) by the office. She may initially be upset but later she will mostly be happy seeing you doing something like this.

Tax or legal obligations!

Tell your wife, you are going to meet the CA for discussing some tax matters or difficulties or you will have to pay the heavy amount of taxes from your salary, we bet, she won’t be upset with this one.

Social meet for discussing some social issue!

You can tell your wife that you and a few of the people from your society are representing your society or area at a social meet to discuss the problem of eve-teasing in your area or anything like this.

Client meet!

She may be upset but you can say, the meet is crucial and you have been chasing this client for a long and now he himself has called and scheduled the meet.

Yoga or physical camp!

Tell your wife, you are thinking of enrolling in a Yoga or a Zumba class (especially, some famous one) and going out to check and get a bargain for her as well (family discount or offer).

Guest lecture!

Another proud moment, you have been invited as a guest lecturer by some institute or college, its an honor, as well as a great move for you and, will help a lot in establishing contacts with people. Such excuses pretty much work with professionals as well as businessmen too.

Car service!

Your car service is due and you scheduled it for this weekend so that you may take her out on a road trip the next weekend. Definitely, your plan is going to rock.

My laptop needs to be upgraded!

Technology has its laybacks, and you cannot expect them to be at the time of your convenience. You have to get it upgraded or repaired, suits yourself what works in your case.

Discounted grocery sale!

Tell your wife, your friend has suggested a wholesale discounted grocery store at someplace. This time you are going with him, if all is good (which is definitely not going to be the case), next time your wife can accompany or shop from there by herself. Deals and discounts attract women a lot, so try your luck. Don’t forget to get some grocery items on your return.

Friend’s medical emergency!

Your friend is going for an MRI or something like this, remember the serious the situation, the greater the empathy and smoother are your chance of going out. Don’t forget to include your friend in the plan.

Hair cut or Salon Service!

You have got a coupon or offer for a free service from some high-end salon for men. It is expiring tomorrow, so this is your day.

Boss’s Invite!

This one is hard to beat, tell your wife that your wife has invited the team for lunch or dinner to celebrate his promotion or something like that and your presence is important, you cant lose the opportunity, you never know he might consider you for a good role or promotion too.

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