Believable Reasons and Excuses To Turn Down a Job Offer

What reasons can you give for declining a job offer? You can have your reasons to decline the job offer but that is not enough as there can be consequences. Corporate world is a small world; you never know who you are saying no today might join as your Boss in your organization some day or meet you somewhere else with some other organization.

Is it OK to reject a job offer after accepting? Yes truly, if the opportunity doesn’t really suits your expectations in terms of money or growth. But it is not easy as it may close your chances of applying again in future in the same company. You don’t want to ruin your impression in your industry by rejecting or refusing the offer after being hired for the job. So, How do you politely decline a job offer? Let’s read in this article about some of the Believable Reasons and Excuses To Turn Down a Job Offer!

Excuses To Turn Down a Job Offer
Excuses To Turn Down a Job Offer, Image Credit: best-job-interview .com


There is no proper transportation available from place you come, that’s one excuse that works while thinking of switching the job. You can tell the hiring manager that commutation is going to be a big problem for you. Explain them you are not the one who just believes in working for strictly fix 9 am to 5 pm timings, if your work demands you to stay for longer, you will stay.

Geographical Factors

If your new job demands relocation, this excuse is the most workable one. You can inform your Manager about any of the transfer issues that you have like parents, kid’s school or climate. Your parents are dependent on you, and the medical facility in your current area is perfect for them as it require less traveling, emergency care or doctors are known etc.

Work Culture or Job Demands

This one excuse also makes one of the most legitimate excuses to turn down a job offer. But be careful, you should not put blame on the organization, rather take it on. Simply state you have been working for your current organization which is not very strict about targets and your new job is strictly target based and you are not sure if you will be able to cope with it.

Planning to switch your career

You can inform your Manager that you are planning to start your own firm or planning to start some other business or joining the family business. These excuses are also not taken otherwise as it is personal choice of a person to decide about his/her career.

Salary Hike

This can be one of the most motivating factors for switching a job. You can inform the hiring manager that you expected a 50% or 100% growth in terms of CTC. So, the difference is not much and thus you don’t feel like switching it.

 Taking a break for further studies

You can tell your hiring manager that you have been trying to get the study loan for pursuing some professional course and that’s been approved, so you will be taking a break for a while from your job. Be prepared of any good area or course that you think can help you in growing in your field as your hiring manager may ask.

I have accepted another job offer

You can tell your hiring manager that you have accepted the offer from other company for which you also applied. They responded a little earlier and you took the offer already. This excuse will surely make a impression on the hiring manager as he night feel he just lost the opportunity of hiring a competitive candidate.

There is absolutely no harm in honestly tuning down a job offer which you have accepted earlier but the way you should be doing it matters.  So, here we have few things you must keep in mind while doing so.

Show gratitude, saying you are thankful that they considered you for the job and you would have loved to join but … (excuse). Respond directly, don’t avoid calling. You must call in person and inform the hiring manager yourself about the reason of denial. Last but not the least, do your homework, if you are using any excuse like joining some other company, the name of the company or course or whatever it demands.