Easy to Understand Excuses When You Fall Asleep While Texting

Should I say sorry to a girl if I fall asleep while texting? Yes, for sure unless you have a real good excuse that can barr you off from all the nasty allegations that she may put on you after this or every fight from now on.  How to apologize for falling asleep while texting? This is no rocket science but yes not even an easy task as whatever excuse you are going to use right after your apology should sound legitimate or relatable enough.

Whether it is your girlfriend, boyfriend, or your casual friend, most people get offended when all of a sudden in the middle of a conversation you just get lost for hours and then woke up with a statement- Sorry I dozed off.  They may not trust you or ask How do you fall asleep while texting, and thus now it becomes your obligation to make them understand the genuine reason which in most cases is absent. Let’s read in this section further about some of the Easy or to Understand or Workable Excuses When You Fall Asleep While Texting.

Fall Asleep While Texting
Fall Asleep While Texting, Image Credit: cw .ua.edu

Honesty is the best policy

A sweet and honest apology that you fall asleep while texting may work for you if you are doing it for the first time or if you are not using this excuse regularly to avoid texting. See, your intent should not reflect – were you actually sleepy or did the conversation was actually boring enough to induce sleep.

Am on medication

There are a lot of general medicines we take that make us drowsy or sleepy like pain killers, allergy medicines etc. So, why not take the support of medical science here.

Haven’t slept from last two days- narrate any incident or event

I am sorry, I fell asleep, didn’t even realize I was on the couch. Actually, I haven’t slept for the last two days because of my cousin’s bachelor’s and cocktail ceremony. If you are using this excuse for a friend, say it was cousin’s, or if to a cousin, say it was your close buddy’s big day.

Had a so called sleepover with no sleep at a friend’s place

Generally planned sleepovers are literally with no sleep, so you can use this as an excuse easily. Just make sure you sound like you never wanted to plan it and it was imposed.

I am sorry I slept in between, actually, I have been over Gym-ming these days

Your body needs to rest after heavy workouts, so it happened while you were texting. Am sure your girlfriend or boyfriend will surely be impressed with this excuse.

Sleeping is a natural and essential phenomenon, so if next time you fell asleep, do try one of the excuses listed above.  Just remember every excuse starts with an apology, a simple sorry, and an emoji. Do tell us in our comment section, if our article helped you anyways or if you have any new excuse other than these, do share that too.