11 Really Good Excuses for Not Giving Birthday Party

Do you get Birthday Blues? Have you been looking for excuses to avoid celebration your birthday with your peers? Well there is nothing wrong in it. At certain age or point of your life you are not in mood or state of mind to make other feel special on your special day by planning a celebration for them. Its your day and maybe you really want to dedicate it to you by doing everything that you like. This list can include anything even sleeping whole day and why not, its your way of feeling special.

You are getting a year older and its time again that everyone may have an advice for you. They will remind you of the undone things or you should stuff of your life like get married now, buy your own house, take your career more seriously, quit drinking or smoking and list is actually endless.

Birthday Party with Family and Friends
Birthday Party with Family and Friends, Image Credit: findingdutchland .com

People like to throw party on their birthday which you even attend with full excitement but then its their choice, why you are expected to do the same. Let’s read about – 11 Really Good Excuses for Not Giving Birthday Party.

1. Miss out the details on social media

If you are the one who always stay in the mood of avoiding celebration with your friends n your birthday, the first step is to not posting the birthday date on your social media profile. That’s one blunder you do if you don’t like giving parties on your birthday and even if you have not mentioned it there but still one of the friend knows about it somehow and share it with others, here is the way out. Keep reading!

2. Behave it like it is just another normal day

Keep it simple, do what you do on all regular days, like office, school, college or regular household routine. State clearly you don’t like to celebrate maybe attach a tragic instance to it if you have bunch of stubborn friends.

3. Going out with family

Tell them you are going out with your family. They just want to keep it intimate or have planned a special treat at your favorite restaurant. Family always comes first so this excuse works well on such days.

4. Too much work to do

You are working till late, you have serious deadlines, it is appraisal time and you can’t jeopardize it with one celebration which comes every year. Obviously a best birthday gift would be a raise or promotion.

5. No celebrations in Pandemic

Pandemic is an excuse that totally saves you from public celebration. Make sure you are not attending any either or other than the most urgent ones.

6. Spa Session or Meditation Retreat

Tell your friend that your sister or mom or any of your relative who you are close to gifted you a Spa Voucher or any related retreat.  It will be expired and you also want it ardently, this year is been really hard in terms of work, studies or so on. Customize it as per your suitability.

7. Am not in town

Just start spilling the beans a month before that you will be on official trip on your birthday or out of town or city for some important family event.  Make sure you are not seen or spotted anywhere in the city or on social media on that day.

8. My business partner has planned the Bash for Me

This happens very rare so it may look even more real. Tell the m your boss has kept a small bash for you or your business partner has planned one for you and you can t skip it. Work obligations you know, obviously you would have enjoyed more with your friends (wink wink).

9. Family Problems

Tell them you are required more at home as it is your kid’s exam, important school function or any other grand affair like your father’s retirement ceremony or parent’s anniversary. This excuse works well when your friends are not much into personal life.

10. Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies always work, make an excuse that you have met with an accident and have injuries. If required send pictures of you with a bandage or scar marks. Or make this emergency for anyone else at home. Or simply tell them you are not feeling fine and you are damn upset about your health condition but there is nothing you can do.

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11. Guest at Home

You already have guest at home and they got to know about your birthday so staying back for dinner.