How Do Amazon Points Work In 2023? [Card Points, Reward Points, etc.]

Retail establishments often introduce loyalty programs as a means of attracting and retaining customers. These programs offer rewards such as free merchandise or exclusive discounts to frequent shoppers.

If you’re an Amazon shopper, you may have encountered the Amazon Points payment option. To gain a deeper understanding of this feature, I conducted research to uncover its purpose and functionality. In this article, I’ll share my findings and provide insight on how Amazon Points work.

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How Do Amazon Points Work In 2023?

In 2023, Amazon Points allows customers to redeem their credit card reward points for purchases on the Amazon platform. This feature is available for rewards earned through the Amazon Store Card, as well as a range of popular rewards programs, including American Express, Capital One, Discover, Chase Ultimate Rewards, HSBC Bank, and Hilton Honors. With Amazon Points, customers can enjoy a wider selection of products available for redemption with their reward points.

To fully understand the workings of Amazon Points, including the registration process and the types of purchases that can be made with points, continue reading for an in-depth explanation.

What Can You Use Amazon Points For?

With Amazon Points, credit card reward points can be utilized to pay for an extensive range of products available on Amazon. In most cases, reward points can be used as a form of currency to purchase items in your Amazon shopping cart.

It is important to note that there are a few exclusions, such as subscription services and special deliveries, but in general, Amazon Points offers a wider selection of redeemable items compared to other credit card reward programs.

If you are a member of a participating credit card rewards program, you can use your points to purchase a variety of products on and the Amazon app, including clothing, toys, household items, groceries, skincare products, and more.

Amazon treats partner credit card reward points as a form of payment, allowing you to shop seamlessly as if you were using a credit card or gift card. Additionally, you have the option to use a combination of points and credit card payment at checkout, so you can enjoy your purchases even if you don’t have the full value of points available.

What Can’t You Use Amazon Points For?

Amazon Points provides customers with access to millions of products available on Amazon through the redemption of credit card reward points from approved partner programs.

However, there are certain transactions that are not eligible for payment with Amazon Points, including:

  • Downloads of Amazon Kindle books
  • Video titles and digital music on Amazon
  • Amazon Allowance
  • Apps from the Amazon Appstore
  • Fresh items from AmazonFresh
  • Subscribe and Save items
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Pre-ordered items
  • Textbook rentals

It is also important to note that Amazon Points cannot be used for one-click checkout on Amazon. This is because the credit card and points preference must be confirmed at checkout to ensure that the points are properly applied to the transaction.

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What Credit Cards Work For Amazon Points?

Amazon has established partnerships with leading credit card companies to offer customers the ability to use credit card reward points on a wide range of products across various categories on Amazon.

If you are a member of any of the following credit card rewards programs, you can seamlessly link your reward points to Amazon for an effortless shopping experience:

  • Amazon Rewards Visa Signature
  • Amazon Store Cards
  • Amazon Business American Express
  • American Express
  • Capital One
  • Chase
  • Citi
  • Discover
  • Hilton Honors
  • HSBC Bank

For more information on the value of points from each program and the benefits of these partnerships, visit Amazon’s Points page.

How To Redeem Reward Points On Amazon?

To take advantage of the benefits of Amazon Points, you must first be enrolled in a participating credit card reward program.

Once you have a valid credit card and rewards membership, you can link your rewards to Amazon and start shopping with your points.

To begin, visit the Amazon Points home page and select your credit card program. Amazon provides a dedicated page for each partner credit card, with easy-to-follow linking instructions.

The linking process may require you to log in to your credit card reward account and provide your membership number.

Once your reward points are successfully linked, you can shop on Amazon as usual and select your linked credit card at checkout. Simply apply your points to redeem them for your purchase.

Your order history on Amazon will show how you paid for your purchases, including the use of points and credit cards, and your credit card reward account will display your current balance and redemption history.

Do Amazon Credit Cards Have Reward Programs?

Amazon offers several credit cards, and reward points earned through these cards can be redeemed for purchases on the Amazon platform.

For avid Amazon shoppers, signing up for an Amazon credit card can result in significant savings, especially when reward points can be easily converted into discounts on a variety of everyday items.

For instance, the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card offers not only cashback but also reward points for every purchase made. 100 reward points are equivalent to $1 for redemption on Amazon purchases, and this is also the case for the Amazon Business American Express card.

It’s worth noting that the Amazon Store Card operates differently, with each point being worth $1 in redeemable value. The choice of card ultimately depends on your preference.

The more you spend with an Amazon credit card, the more reward points and other benefits you can expect to receive.

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Do You Need A Credit Card For Amazon Points?

To redeem credit card reward points on Amazon, a participating credit card is required as membership in credit card reward programs is only possible with a valid credit card.

It’s important to note that each reward program has its own distinct policies, and Amazon partners with seven different credit card companies, in addition to its own credit card offerings.

For instance, 500 Hilton Honors points are equivalent to $1 on Amazon, while 100 points from an Amazon Rewards Visa card convert to $1.

You can find comprehensive information on the conversion rates and details of each credit card reward program on Amazon’s Points page. Additionally, you can contact your credit card company directly to learn more about the different ways to redeem your points.

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Final Words

In conclusion, if you are a member of a credit card reward program, you have the opportunity to redeem your points for purchases on Amazon. The e-commerce giant has established partnerships with several of the top credit card reward programs, including American Express, Capital One, Chase, Citi, Discover, Hilton Honors, and HSBC Bank, to accept reward points as payment.

Additionally, Amazon Points can be used with reward points earned through the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature, Amazon Business American Express, and Amazon Store Cards. To start shopping with your reward points on Amazon, you must first link your Amazon and credit card reward accounts.

Simply select the apply points option at checkout to take advantage of significant savings on your purchases.