How Do I Get A Refund From Google Play?

How Do I Get A Refund From Google Play?

Google may give refunds for some Google Play purchases, depending on the refund policies described below. You can also contact the developer directly.

  • If a purchase was accidentally made by a friend or family member using your account, request a refund on the Google Play website.
  • If you find a Google Play purchase on your card or other payment method that you didn’t make and that wasn’t made by anyone you know, report unauthorized charges within 120 days of the transaction.
  • If your refund request has been approved, see how long your refund will take.

How to get a refund for apps or games past 48 hours of purchase

If it has already been more than two days since you bought the app or game, then you’re going to have to go directly to the developer to request a refund.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store app.

Step 2: Tap the three horizontal lines at the top left to open the menu.

Step 3: Choose Account > Purchase History.

Step 4: Find the app or game you want to return and tap View.

Step 5: Scroll down until you find Developer Contact and tap Email. This should open a new email in your email program.

Step 6: Explain that you want a refund and why.

It’s best to be polite and explain your reasons fully, because it’s up to the developer whether to grant the refund or not.

The easy way to get a refund from the Google Play Store is on mobile

The Google Play Store’s refund policy is clear — you can instantly cancel and refund a Play Store purchase within 48 hours. Afterward, the app will be uninstalled, and your funds will be returned to the payment method you used to purchase. You can process a Play Store refund request on mobile or via a desktop web browser, so we’ve put together handy guides for both scenarios.

How to get a refund within two hours

  • On your phone, open the Google Play Store and navigate to the app or game you want to be refunded for.
  • Click the Refund button. A prompt will come up letting you know the app will be uninstalled.
  • Confirm by tapping the Request refund button.
  • The Play Store will process the refund and the app page will refresh. It’ll look as though you never bought it.

Google Play Refunds for Apps, Games, and In-App Purchases

Wondering how to get a refund on play store? Google Play refund policies state that Google does not offer refunds for most purchases unless they honor the 48-hour rule. If you want to attempt to get a refund after that timeframe, you should contact the app developer directly. They will determine whether you qualify for a refund according to their policies and legal requirements.

If you uninstall a paid app via the Play Store app within two hours after you purchased it, you should get an automatic refund. It is possible to return a game or an app and get a refund only once. If you repurchase the same item, your refund rights will be voided.

Request a Refund by Contacting the App Developer

For other situations, the decision on whether to issue a refund rests with the app’s developer. You’ll need to contact the developer and discuss your problem. If your issue is a technical one, they might provide support to help you resolve it. Be aware that the developer is under no obligation to reply to you, let alone offer a refund, so be gentle.