How Do I Get A Refund From Yaqoot?

How Do I Get A Refund From Yaqoot?

Returns and Refunds Yaqoot does not accept cashbacks, refunds or returns.

How do I find my yaqoot number?

just check it from the Coverge Map.

What is Zain yaqoot?

a) Yaqoot (referred to herein as “Yaqoot” or “Application”) is a digital Sim Card issuer and gifting solution, operated by Mobile Telecommunications Company (the “Zain”). The Application enables users to purchase Sim Cards and/or send digital gifts to their friends and family through the Application.

Can I choose any Yaqoot number I’d like?

You can choose any Yaqoot number from the list or numbers that will be previewed to you

How do I activate yaqoot?

How to activate the device if you got it from our partners
Download Yaqoot App.
Create a new account.
Go to “Get it Now”
Select “Activation”
Select “Activate SIM”
Scan the SIM number or type it manually.
Select data packages.
Fill the required the information.

How can I switch my number to Yaqoot?

You can transfer your number easily from Yaqoot app,
1- Click (Switch number) from homepage
2- Click (Continue)
3- Choose your package and press (Next)
4- then type your number that you want to transfer to Yaqoot and choose your current operator
and with more simple steps you will be one of Yaqoot family.

If I have a Yaqoot SIM do I need a new one to use 5G?

No need for a new SIM, you can use your current Yaqoot SIM

What Yaqoot packages are available?

We have multiple packages, select whichever package suits you

Can I order the router with my current yaqoot number?

Sure you can order the device from our app and you can get it with our data packages

Does Yaqoot SIM support local roaming?

SIM supports local roaming, and it does not need to be activated. Just make sure that your site is among the districts and villages that are currently supported, and the network will automatically switch to a second network in the event it is permanently interrupted by you and not in the case of a weak network. To address the weakness of the network, contact us and provide us with the coordinates of your location.