How To Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial In 2023? [Guide with Proper Steps]

Amazon Prime is a widely renowned subscription service that provides members with speedy shipping, unique savings, and an expansive library of television series, films, and literature.

If you’re considering joining but are curious about how to terminate the Amazon Prime complimentary trial period, you’re not alone! I had the same question before enrolling, so I investigated and discovered the following information!

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How To Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial In 2023?

Amazon provides a one-month complimentary Prime trial before incurring any monthly fees. However, you can terminate the trial to prevent being charged for the membership. To do so, sign in to your Amazon account and choose the Prime Membership feature. Within Membership Management, you can discontinue your benefits and validate the trial’s cancelation.

For additional details on terminating an Amazon Prime free trial, such as a comprehensive walkthrough and techniques to avoid charges, continue exploring this guide!

When Does Amazon Charge For Prime?

Naturally, Amazon doesn’t charge for the 30-day Prime trial period. However, following the completion of the free month, Amazon will bill you for the monthly membership fee, except if you qualify for a reduced rate.

It’s crucial to terminate the trial before its expiration to avoid these charges.

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Upon confirming the trial cancelation, you’ll retain access to Prime services until the 30 days conclude.

By canceling prior to the trial’s end, you can essentially experience a cost-free month of Prime without committing to a full-year membership.

Can You Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial Before It Ends?

Is It Possible to Terminate the Amazon Prime Free Trial Before Its Completion? While countless Prime enthusiasts reap substantial savings on shipping and streaming services, some consumers realize that they don’t use Amazon frequently enough to justify the subscription.

Regardless of your rationale for discontinuing Amazon Prime, you can terminate the trial whenever you wish. You’ll maintain Prime benefits until the trial period concludes, so feel free to cancel on the first or the 29th day, as per your preference.

Upon canceling the Amazon Prime free trial, your membership status will be updated to show the cancelation, displaying the date when the benefits are set to expire.

Although many individuals prefer to cancel within a few weeks to avoid forgetting, you can terminate your Amazon Prime trial right up until the final day to dodge any charges.

What Are The Steps To Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial?

If you’re looking to cancel your Amazon Prime free trial, don’t worry, it’s a straightforward process. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account and navigate to “Accounts & Lists.”
  2. Click on “Your Prime Membership” under Membership Management on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Select “End Trial and Benefits.”
  4. Amazon will prompt you to confirm whether you want to cancel. Click “End My Benefits” to proceed.
  5. Ignore any pop-up messages and click on “Continue to Cancel,” which is the middle yellow button at the bottom of the page.
  6. On the final cancellation page, scroll down and click the “Cancel Membership” button to confirm. Two alert boxes will appear on the membership page to confirm the cancellation and the trial end date.

It’s important to note that Amazon may try to discourage you from canceling, so be sure to follow through with the entire cancellation process and confirm the end date of your free trial. This applies whether you’re using the website or the Amazon app, as the steps are the same.

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In summary, signing up for a free Amazon Prime trial offers an excellent opportunity to experience the many benefits of this popular paid subscription program. However, to avoid being charged $12.99 per month for the service, it’s crucial to cancel your membership before the trial period ends.

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To cancel your Amazon Prime free trial and avoid being billed, simply log into your Amazon account and select the Prime Membership Management option. From there, you can end the trial and all Prime memberships, which will require you to confirm your decision twice before the cancellation takes effect.

Throughout the cancellation process, Amazon will guide you through various prompts to ensure that you genuinely wish to cancel your membership or if you would like a reminder instead. Once you reach the final “cancel membership” button, you will see the date on which the free trial expires.

It’s worth noting that although you won’t be charged the monthly subscription fee, you will lose access to the Prime benefits after the 30-day trial period expires.