How To Complain To Reddit

How To Complain To Reddit?

If you have questions about licensing, reproducing, or using Reddit’s logo, screenshots, or content for personal or business use, please contact If you are a journalist or reporter looking to reach Reddit’s Communications team for a story inquiry, please contact

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If you have a Reddit account and want to report a content policy violation, please use their report form here; if you don’t have a Reddit account, you can use the form (link given).  If you need to contact, please reach out via modmail.

What do I do if I have an issue with a moderator?

Keep in mind that even though you may have disagreements, moderators are free to run their communities as they choose, as long as they don’t break the rules outlined in Reddit’s Content Policy or Moderator Code of Conduct.

How do I get in touch with Reddit support?

Reddit Customer Service Contacts
Reddit Email Support.
Reddit Knowledge Base.
Reddit Forum.

How do I file a complaint against Reddit moderator

If you have an issue with a moderator or the way a community is being run, try contacting the moderators of that community through Modmail to see if it’s just a simple misunderstanding. If you think a moderator is in violation of Reddit’s Content Policy, report them.

How do I report harassment on Reddit?

Visit Select I want to report spam or abuse, then select This is abusive or harassing. When asked to explain how it’s abusive, select It’s abusing the report button.

Why was my Reddit account permanently suspended?

Accounts may be permanently suspended for violating the content policy or if they are compromised and unable to be securely recovered. At the time of suspension, you will receive a private message informing you of the reason.

What is a Reddit admin called?

Moderators will have MOD or a shield icon next to their username. Reddit administrators will have ADMIN or a Reddit mascot (also known as Snoo) icon next to their username. The original poster will have OP or a microphone icon next to their username.