How To Complain To Rockstar

How To Complain To Rockstar

Reach Rockstar’s US customer service line at 866-922-8694, their Canadian line at 800-269-5721, and their UK line at 08701 200060. Email Rockstar support at if your request isn’t urgent.

Check Rockstar’s support page to see if your question or concern is covered in an existing article. Connect with Rockstar on social media through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To provide specific feedback for Grand Theft Auto Online or Red Dead Online please visit the following links:

Grand Theft Auto Online Feedback:

Red Dead Online Feedback:

If you have a technical issue that you’d like to report:

For any questions related to career opportunities at Rockstar Games:

For any other legal enquiries, please reach out to:

How to contact Rockstar support through email

If you want to send a detailed written message to the company, you can send it to and wait for approximately 24 hours until they respond. The busiest time at Rockstar’s customer support is at 3:45 pm, so it’s best to avoid this calling at this time.

How do I contact Rockstar customer service?

To get support for your Rockstar game or account, contact Rockstar support directly.
Phone support: (866) 922-8694 (646) 536-2842
E-mail Support:
Address: Take-Two Interactive Games 622 Broadway New York, NY 10012

How do I get a refund from Rockstar?

How To Request a Rockstar Refund via Website
Log in to your Social Club account.
Click on Orders in the top right corner.
Find your order there.
Use the Request a Refund option.
Submit your request.

How long does it take Rockstar to respond to a ticket?

I think it says an email is within 24hrs. I know the chat option is instant, but it depends on the time of day and what your ticket is about. You should get a confirmation that your email was received.

Can you appeal a ban from Rockstar?

All GTA Online suspension and banning decisions are final and may not be appealed.

Are Rockstar bans permanent?

In GTA Online, all suspension and banning decisions are final and cannot be appealed. As a result, most GTA Online players should expect Rockstar to make no changes to their decision. The only thing banned players can do is create new accounts, but their original accounts will be lost forever.