How to Complain to Starbucks Corporate?

In 1971, Starbucks was founded as a coffee bean and spice retailer with a mission to provide the best quality products on the market. The company’s first store opened at Pike Place Market in Seattle, and since then, it has expanded its reach to more than 60 countries. Today, Starbucks has become a ubiquitous presence in most large towns and cities, with numerous locations across the globe. However, it’s worth noting that all Starbucks stores are directly owned and operated by the headquarters, and not franchised.

Located in Seattle, Washington, Starbucks’ corporate headquarters serves as the central hub of the company’s operations. Though the official website does not openly display contact information, it is still possible to obtain information such as the headquarters’ address, phone number, and email from various online sources.

Starbucks, Photo Credit: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

How Do I Make a Complaint to Starbucks?

If you have a complaint to make to Starbucks, there are various channels through which you can reach out to the company’s customer care team or corporate team. You can use any of the following contact details:

  • Email: You can send an email to detailing your complaint.
  • Phone Calls: You can call Starbucks at +1 206-467-4190 or 800-Starbuck (800-782-7282) to speak to a representative about your complaint.
  • Physical Letters: You can send a physical letter to Starbucks’ address at 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134, United States.
  • Online Contact Form: Alternatively, you can use the online contact form available at to submit your complaint.

By using any of these communication channels, you can rest assured that your complaint will be received and addressed by the Starbucks team.