How To Read A Walmart Receipt [Codes, Meanings + More]

After completing a transaction at Walmart, customers are given a printed or emailed receipt that serves as proof of purchase and may be required for returns or personal records. However, decoding the information on a Walmart receipt can be a challenge. In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Walmart receipts.

The most important information on a Walmart receipt includes the names of purchased products, unique serial numbers, and their prices with any discounts applied. At the bottom of the receipt, you’ll find a long numerical code which represents the receipt number. You may also see letters such as A, B, P, R, and S, which indicate sales tax compliance, while N, X, and O denote tax status.

If you’re curious about what these codes and abbreviations mean, or if you need to obtain a duplicate receipt, Walmart’s online receipt lookup tool can be helpful. Keep reading to learn more about understanding Walmart receipts.

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What Do The Numeral Codes On Walmart Receipts Mean?

Walmart receipts can be complicated to decipher with a long list of numeral codes, leaving you wondering what they mean. Here’s a guide to decode those codes:

Towards the top of the receipt, below the Walmart store address, you will find codes that include the store’s name and zip code, followed by the store number, the cashier number, and the cash register number. The transaction number is also listed.

The 12-digit serial code, unique to each item purchased, is located in the middle of the receipt. On the right-hand side, you will find the individual prices of the items.

At the bottom of the receipt, you will see the total cost of your purchases, the debit tend used (indicating where a refund will go), and any change due.

If you need to duplicate a receipt, you can do so using Walmart’s online receipt lookup tool. Understanding the codes on your Walmart receipt can help you keep track of your purchases and make returns easier.

How To Figure Out What An Item Is On A Walmart Receipt?

To determine what an item is on a Walmart receipt, there are a few ways to go about it. Firstly, Walmart usually lists the names of each product purchased on that transaction, albeit in shortened form using abbreviations. For example, “Org” might refer to organic products, while “VG” could mean vegetables.

You can also locate an item by its unique serial code, which is typically listed down the middle of the receipt. High-value goods such as tablets, phones, televisions, consoles, and radios usually have the serial code imprinted on the device. You can type that number into the search bar on to obtain the product’s alphabetical name and additional details.

Alternatively, you can use the Walmart+ app to scan the QR code on your receipt. This will provide you with a picture of every item listed on the receipt.

What Do A, B, P, R, & S Mean On A Walmart Receipt?

When you review your Walmart receipt, you may notice letters such as A, B, P, R, or S printed next to the item names. These letters are associated with sales tax compliance, and their meaning can vary based on the state. For example:

A represents Tax 1 Only
B represents Tax 2 Only
P represents Tax 1 & 4
R represents Tax 1 & 6
S represents Tax 1 & 7

Each tax rate is linked to a specific item purchased:

Tax 1 is the rate for General Merchandise
Tax 2 is the food rate
Tax 4 is the prepared food rate
Tax 6 is the wine rate
Tax 7 is the beer rate

Understanding these codes can help you identify which taxes were applied to your purchases and can be especially helpful when it comes to calculating refunds or returns.

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Is The Walmart Return Policy On Your Receipt?

If you’re wondering about Walmart’s return policy, it’s worth checking the back of your receipt, as that is where the policy is often printed. The policy typically allows returns within 90 days of purchase, as long as the item is in its original packaging and accompanied by the receipt. However, if your local store hasn’t printed the policy on the back of the receipt, don’t worry. You can always check the complete return policy on Walmart’s website or contact customer care for assistance.

What Does N, X, & O Mean On A Walmart Receipt?

When you look at your Walmart receipt, you may notice letters like N, X, or O next to the price of each item. These letters denote the tax status of each product purchased. “N” means the item is non-taxable, “X” signifies that the product is taxable, and “O” indicates a non-taxable sale item.

This information can be helpful when it comes to understanding the pricing and taxes on your Walmart purchases. If you have any questions about your receipt or the tax status of your items, Walmart’s customer service is always available to assist you.

What Happens If you Lose Your Receipt?

If you’ve lost your Walmart receipt, don’t worry. Walmart offers a receipt lookup service that allows customers to retrieve their receipts online. However, you will need some information to access this service. Firstly, you will need to know the zip code, city, and state of the store where you made your purchase. Secondly, you will need the date of the receipt and the total amount paid.

It is recommended to use a financial statement to verify the purchase date and amount. You will also need to provide the card type used at the time of purchase and the last 4 digits of the card. Once you have gathered all the necessary information, you can access the receipt lookup service on Walmart’s website. This service is a convenient option for customers who have lost their receipts and need them to claim a refund.

How To Use The Receipt Lookup Tool Online?

If you have lost your Walmart receipt, you can easily use the Receipt Lookup tool available online to get a duplicate copy. Here’s how to do it:

Start by selecting the store where you made your purchase and entering the date of your transaction. Then, choose your payment method and provide the last four digits of your payment card. Next, enter the total amount paid and complete the Captcha verification. Click “Lookup receipt,” and if your receipt is verified, you can download and print a copy on the next page.

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It’s worth noting that if you paid with cash, a check, or a gift card, you may need to contact Walmart customer service for assistance. And while Walmart associates can reprint receipts immediately after purchase, the online receipt lookup tool is the best option for recovering lost or missing receipts.

For more information on Walmart’s policies and procedures, check out our other guides on topics such as Walmart Great Value products, receipt checks, and the Walmart return policy without a receipt.

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In conclusion, Walmart receipts contain valuable information such as product names, prices, and serial numbers. Sales tax compliance is indicated by A, B, P, R, & S, while the item’s tax status is represented by N, X & O. The receipt number is located below the barcode, and the return policy is usually printed on the back. Customers can use the Walmart Receipt Lookup tool to obtain duplicate receipts, which requires information such as the store location, purchase date, and card type used. Overall, understanding Walmart receipts can help customers keep track of their purchases and ensure a smooth return process if necessary.