LASIK Cost in France: LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in France

LASIK eye surgery is a surgery for removing vision defects. Now the common question which is asked here is How Much Does LASIK Cost in France? LASIK Cost in France can vary as per the technology used for the procedure. To buy a health insurance plan these days has almost become mandatory. To buy a health insurance plan without knowledge of all the covers and benefits would totally defeat the purpose of buying it, so you must know what are the conditions and benefits of the cover.

The LASIK eye surgery majorly involves two laser technologies to treat Myopia (shortsightedness), Hyperopia (farsightedness) and Astigmatism (distorted vision at both distances).  LASIK surgery aims at getting clear vision permanently with zero dependency on eyeglasses or contact lenses. Generally elective surgeries are not covered by regular health insurance plans. So does LASIK get a cover by insurance companies?  In the coming sections, read more to know about LASIK Cost in France.

LASIK Surgery
LASIK Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in France

How Much Does LASIK Cost in France? LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in France comes on an average at € 1877 per eye. The cost of surgery may differ in France with the choice of procedure. For instance,

  • Average price for PRK @ € 2000
  • Average price of conventional LASIK @ €2400
  • Average cost of femtosecond LASIK @ €2750

LASIK Cost in France may also differ from one person to other on the basis of amount of correction required by the patient.  Generally more complex surgeries are charged at a higher price as they require more efforts and time of the surgeon.

Health Insurance and LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery is gaining popularity in recent years, owing to its benefits like independence from vision ware, improved appearance, focused vision and physical comfort. Insurance companies generally cover surgeries which are medically prescribed to patients and thus LASIK surgery does not get a cover. But don’t forget to consult with your insurance company about the same as some private companies do have arrangements for such surgeries.

Lasik Surgery
Lasik Surgery

Is LASIK a Painful Surgery Process

LASIK surgery is a popular and a safe surgery, the surgery process starts with numbing eye drops by using anesthetic drops so as to ease the discomfort or pain.

The surgery doesn’t involve any kind of stitches, the replaced flap in itself works as a healing bandage so unlike regular surgeries it is a painless surgery. Though the surgery is painless, but yes you may experience mild discomfort or pressure on your eyes for some time.

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Article first published on February 25, 2020.