LASIK Cost in Hong Kong: LASIK Eye Surgery Average Prices in HK

LASIK eye surgery is a surgical procedure which is done by using laser technology and aims at reshaping cornea so that refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can be corrected. To buy health insurance kind of give monetary security in critical times, so if you are to buy health insurance make sure you read and understand the plan properly.

With the increasing popularity of LASIK procedures, there has been a remarkable growth in number of LASIK surgeries in recent years. Now the question is “How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Hong Kong Worth?” Read in coming sections about LASIK Cost in Hong Kong Worth? LASIK surgery prices in recent years have increased on the basis of latest advancement of technology.

LASIK Cost in Hong Kong
LASIK Cost in Hong Kong

LASIK Cost in Hong Kong Worth

The Average LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Hong Kong Worth comes  at HK$ 18000 (USD 2298) for both eyes and HK$ 10000 (USD 1277) for one eye. The price quoted may differ with inclusions of cost which can vary at each center. The price mentioned here includes post visits but excludes consultation and scan after surgery. Likewise you may find variation in prices because of other cost factors. You must ask your doctor about the cost breakup.

Generally, the total cost of LASIK correction includes various added costs like pre-operation exams, post-operation care, transportation, medications, and surgeon’s fee.

How Much LASIK Cost in Hong Kong

The LASIK surgery cost may differ with the choice of technology available at each center. The Average LASIK Eye Surgery Cost for traditional methods comes at HK$ 15000 (USD 1915) and for customized modern methods HK$ 18000 (USD 2298).

LASIK Cost in Hong Kong
LASIK Cost in Hong Kong

LASIK eye surgery is a very popular laser corrective surgery as it helps to restore 100 percent clear vision without eye ware. The other popular surgery in Hong Kong is PRK ( Photorefractive Keratectomy) which involves removing the surface skin of cornea. Both the techniques are used to cure refractive errors caused by genetic or may be hereditary factors or may be erratic lifestyles. The surgery has helped thousands of people already in Hong Kong and take not more than an hours time to complete the whole process.

LASIK and Health Insurance

Elective surgeries like LASIK eye surgery (PRK, SMILE and LASEK) are not covered by most of the health insurance plan as the surgery is not a health mandate. But you must check for alternative vision plans as many private insurance companies do offer these nowadays keeping in mind the increasing demand of LASIK eye surgery in Hong Kong.

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Article first published on May 11, 2020.