LASIK Cost in Israel: How Much Does LASIK Cost in Israel

What is a LASIK surgery? LASIK Surgery is a surgery performed to cure vision related issues. The surgery aims at correcting common vision issues like myopia (shortsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism (distorted vision at both distances). To buy health insurance needs a complete understanding of the health plan so that it can be used in hours of need. To buy health insurance is now more of a mandatory thing because of increasing cost of medical facilities.

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Israel? The cost of medication facility in general in Israel goes on a higher side. In the coming section of the article we will cover detailed info on Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Israel. During the surgery the surgeon uses a laser beam to reshape the cornea.

LASIK Cost in Israel
LASIK Cost in Israel

LASIK Cost in Israel

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Israel? LASIK Cost in Israel on an average comes at $6147 for two eyes. The LASIK cost charged at most of the clinics is an all inclusive cost but some centers charge differently for related cost inclusions. The surgery goes through a series of procedure and each procedure bears a cost. So before going for the surgery you must ask your doctor about all the costs that are included in the total cost of surgery.

Average Cost of  Laser Eye Surgery in Israel

The average cost of LASIK surgery in Israel on an average comes in range of $2345 per eye. The cost may remain constant or may change with individual’s personal requirement and complexity involved in surgery.

LASIK Cost and Health Insurance

So now the concern is if LASIK gets a cover by insurance plans or no. Generally Health insurance companies do not  cover the cost of LASIK surgeries or other cosmetic surgeries until the respective surgeries are declared as the only way out to treat certain health conditions. In regular cases, the LASIK surgery is considered as an elective surgery which means it is not crucial for patient’s health, so here you get no help from insurance plans.

LASIK Cost in Israel
LASIK Cost in Israel

But with the growing popularity of cosmetic/elective surgeries, some private financial companies in association with certain Eye centers and other Cosmetic centers offer easy credit or partial cover for LASIK under their special health plans.

Many Surgeons who are in private practice at their own  eye center clinic also offer customized payment plans to patients keep up the demand and also to make surgery more affordable. So if your insurance company doesn’t cover the cost of LASIK you must check with your eye counselor about the easy finance options available for the surgery.

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Article first published on May 1, 2020.