LASIK Cost in Netherlands: LASIK Eye Surgery Average Prices in Netherlands

LASIK eye surgery or laser vision correction surgery is a refractive surgery for effective correction of vision problems. Patients with common vision ailments like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can easily be treated with LASIK. The surgery is quick solution to clear eyes without eye glasses or contact lenses. To buy health insurance is a financial assurance against uncertain medical emergencies, to buy health insurance helps in reducing or sharing the financial burden of medical bills of hospitals.

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Netherlands? The charge for LASIK in Netherlands is comparatively lesser and may vary at different centers on the basis of technology available at that particular facility. You may find charge comparatively very low at certain centers because of the cost inclusions too, so before choosing a facility you must ask about the cost breakup and must ensure that surgery is done at a trusted center by an experienced surgeon. In this article get a brief info about LASIK Cost in Netherlands.

LASIK Cost in Netherlands
LASIK Cost in Netherlands

LASIK Cost in Netherlands

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Netherlands? LASIK Cost in Netherlands is comparatively lesser than prices charged in other European countries; the LASIK Surgery in Netherlands comes at a price of € 1798 ($2050) for both eyes. Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Netherlands for LASEK or PRK comes at an average charge of €1598 ($ 1820) for both eyes and for standard LASIK at € 1798 ($2050) for both eyes.

Facts Regarding Cost Prior to Surgery

If you have made your mind for the surgery, do check our little checklist of set of information you must ask with your eye counselor or the doctor.

LASIK Cost in Netherlands
LASIK Cost in Netherlands

1. What are the inclusions in Total Cost of LASIK in Netherlands, is it  an all inclusive price for all the costs variants of surgery like Pre operative consultation, Tests required, Follow ups post surgery, Surgeon’s fee, Hospital charge and Retreatment options(if required) or any of these cost is excluded from total cost of the surgery.
2. Does the cost of surgery involves surgery for both the eyes.
3. What are charges of enhancement or retreatment surgeries if in your case it is required and is the cost included in the quoted cost.
4. Number of complimentary followup visits and medication cost.

LASIK Cost and Health Insurance Cover

The cost of elective surgeries like LASIK or any other plastic surgery done for boosting beauty of facial or body features is not borne by insurance companies. But if surgery pertains to medical category and is important for patient’s health conditions, insurance companies cover the cost as per your chosen plan. Do have a word in detail with your advisor about the same.

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Article first published on June 22, 2020.