LASIK Cost in Philadelphia: Average Cost of Laser Eye Surgery in Philadelphia

LASIK Surgery is a procedure by which vision defects like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can be corrected. The surgery enables a clear vision without help and dependency of vision eye glasses or contact lenses. How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Philadelphia and how does the cost is justified in long term? Read in coming section more about Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Philadelphia and what are the factors that influence the cost of LASIK Surgery?

As per a survey, on an average Americans who are visually dependent on vision care glasses or contact lens spend approximately $200 to $600 on each pair every alternate year. Do the health insurance companies support LASIK Surgery procedures? We all buy health care plans, to buy health insurance are the easy way of sharing the financial burden of heavy medical bills. To buy health insurance plans requires an annual premium amount paid in advance and getting insured cover against mentioned illnesses in the cover.

LASIK Surgery
LASIK Surgery

LASIK Cost in Philadelphia

Coming back to the question “How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Philadelphia?” the LASIK Cost in Philadelphia comes in price range of $3000 to $6000.  The cost mentioned here includes surgery for both eyes along with post follow up care for a period of one year. There are few vision care units in Philadelphia which keep coming with attractive promotional prices for LASIK Surgery.

The promotional prices are for a limited span of time and usually have long waiting period and fixed dates of surgeries. For instance in a recent promotion, Wills Eye offered the LASIK surgery at a price of $1000 per eye. However the regular charge for Laser at Wills Eye comes at $4500 along with consultation fees of $250.

LASIK Surgery
LASIK Surgery

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Philadelphia

LASIK Cost in Philadelphia starts at a price of $3000.  The LASIK Surgery cost may vary at places because of depending factors like choice of procedure adopted, experience of the Surgeon and to an extent location and charge of the facility. There are different procedures for LASIK like Blade free LASIK, Wavefront, Wavelight etc. The prices vary a lot with the complexity of procedures involved in the surgery.

LASIK Cost and Health Insurance

LASIK Eye surgery also known as Laser Vision Correction is an elective surgery which means the cost of the surgery has to be borne by the individual from its pocket. Insurance companies usually don’t cover elective surgeries as the surgeries are not mandatory and are opted out of personal choices in most of the cases.

Considering the increasing popularity and benefits of the surgery many vision care companies in collaboration with finance companies offers easy payment options and installment schemes. Methods aim at reducing the burden of financial bills of such surgeries (cosmetic and elective).

Article Title: LASIK Cost in Philadelphia: Average Cost of Laser Eye Surgery in Philadelphia
Article first published on October 21, 2019.