LASIK Cost in South Korea: LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in South Korea

LASIK surgery is a popular common laser eye procedure performed to improve focusing power of the eye. LASIK surgery is also considered as a refractive surgery and aims at correcting refractive vision problems like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. To buy health insurance helps in payment of hospital bills in times of medical emergencies. With the increasing cost of Medical facilities to buy health insurance is a financial assurance and a true help in crisis.

Now the question is How Much Does LASIK Cost in South Korea? LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in South Korea is based on a lot of factors. The cost of LASIK Surgery at most of the centers comes at an all inclusive price still there may be few centers which may exclude few mandatory costs out of total cost. You must check the cost breakup and its inclusions and exclusions with your eye counselor at the particular facility. In this section we will give you a brief info about LASIK Cost in South Korea and all the other related information.

LASIK Cost in South Korea
LASIK Cost in South Korea

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in South Korea

How Much Does LASIK Cost in South Korea? LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in South Korea typically cost 1600000 KRW (1372 USD) per eye and 3200000 KRW (2745 USD) for both. The cost of surgery may vary with technology used by the facility. Refer to the following list for reference:

Technology                         Cost per eye                                                   Cost for both eyes

SMILE                                 1600000 KRW (1372 USD)                       3200000 KRW (2745 USD)

LASEK                                 1170000 KRW (1004 USD)                        2350000 KRW (2016 USD)

LASIK                                  1600000 KRW (1372 USD)                      3200000 KRW (2745 USD)

Apart from technology, geographical location of the clinic and surgeon’s experience and reputation also affects the cost a lot.

Length of LASIK Surgery

LASIK Vision Correction is a simple and safe surgery. The surgery will not take more than 30 minutes and you can go home immediately after the surgery but with few strict instructions.

LASIK Cost in South Korea
LASIK Cost in South Korea

Post care and Healing Time

The benefits of surgery can be easily noticed within two three days of the surgery but post care instructions should be followed without fail. Do make it a point to visit your doctor for after surgery checks. Also strenuous activities should be avoided for right healing and recovery of the eye. The complete  recovery time may be different with different procedures. While some patients may recover in few weeks others can take 4 to 6 months time to completely settle with their new vision. You must choose a trusted and skilled Surgeon and center for the surgery after all its your biggest asset.

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Article first published on May 5, 2020.