LASIK Cost in Spain: LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Spain

LASIK Surgery is an eye surgery for correcting vision defects like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism and removing dependency of vision eye glasses or contact lenses. How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Spain? The purpose to buy health insurance can only be achieved if the plan is suitable as per our need. To buy health insurance with complete knowledge of the cover can help a lot in sharing the financial burden of heavy medical bills.

How is the cost of surgery justified? LASIK Cost in Spain may look like an extra expense but if we consider the benefits and a little calculation of expenses of vision ware, the surgery is worth a take. As per a survey, on an average an individual spend approximately €181 to € 544 (US$200 to US$600) on each pair vision care glasses or contact lens every alternate year. So here if we see in long term the expense is almost same in both the cases.

LASIK Cost in Spain
LASIK Cost in Spain

LASIK Cost in Spain

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Spain? The LASIK Cost in Spain comes in price range of € 2500 (US$3000).  No two people can have same extent of problem with same complexity so the cost surgery can be different from person to person on the basis of their personal requirement and technology available with the particular center. Many centers in Spain generally ask for a constant price for the LASIK surgery as well, so do your homework well to find the best surgeon at the best affordable cost.

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Spain

LASIK Cost in Spain starts at a price of € 2500 (US$3000). There are different procedures for LASIK like Blade free LASIK, Wavefront, Wavelight etc.

LASIK Cost in Spain
LASIK Cost in Spain

The prices vary a lot at each center with the procedures involved in the surgery. Refer to the following table for better understanding of LASIK cost in Spain with different technologies.




   (Minimum Range)

(per eye)

€861 (US$ 950)

(Maximum Range)

(per eye)

€ 2433 (US$ 2700)

iLASIK €861 (US$ 950) € 2433 (US$ 2700)
VISX Wavefront Lasik (intralase) €450 (US$ 500) €1180 (US$ 1300)
VISX Wavefront Lasik (Microkeratome) €450 (US$ 500) € 680 (US$ 750)
VISX Custom Lasik (intralase) €1180 (US$ 1300) € 1270 (US$ 1400)
VISX Custom Lasik (Microkeratome) €450 (US$ 500) € 544 (US$ 600)

Health Insurance And Finance Options

LASIK Eye surgery also known as Laser Vision Correction is an elective surgery which means chances of insurance company  reimbursing the cost of LASIK are very rare. But some private insurance companies do offer plans with LASIK benefit at special added premium. So if you are planning for the surgery you must check with your insurer about the chances of cover for the same surgery. LASIK surgery qualifies the category as expense with health savings accounts like Flexible Savings Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA). These tax-advantaged accounts are one of the  excellent ways of saving money and utilizing it for LASIK eye surgery.

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Article first published on June 24, 2020.