LASIK Eye Cost in Saudi Arabia: What is Average Cost of Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK Surgery is a procedure for vision correction. The procedure aims at treating vision problems by reshaping the cornea to get a focused light passage to retina of the eye. The surgery can treat common eye ailments like myopia (shortsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism (blurry vision at both distances). To buy health insurance plans in Saudi Arabia helps in sharing expensive medical facility costs. To buy health insurance requires perfect understanding of the cover along with its covered illnesses.

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Saudi Arabia and Does LASIK Cost in Saudi Arabia get a cover by health insurance plans? These are the most frequently raised queries so read in our coming section info about Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Saudi Arabia. The cost of the surgery is greatly affected by the choice of procedure and the inclusions in the total cost.

LASIK Eye Cost in Saudi Arabia
LASIK Eye Cost in Saudi Arabia

LASIK Cost in Saudi Arabia

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Saudi Arabia? LASIK Cost in Saudi Arabia comes at price of  approximately $1950 per eye. LASIK Cost in Saudi Arabia may differ at each center with the kind of technology offered. Refer to the following table for better understanding of the cost on basis of technology:

Procedure Type Average Price Per Eye Typical Range Per Eye
Flapless $1750 $1300 to $2200
Wavefront Flapless $2000 $1650 to $2350
LASIK $1700 $1250 to $2150
Wavefront LASIK $2050 $1600 to $2500
IntraLASIK $2300 $1700 to $2900
Wavefront IntraLASIK $2400 $1850 to $2950
LASIK Eye Cost in Saudi Arabia
LASIK Eye Cost in Saudi Arabia

LASIK Cost and Health Insurance

Most of the vision insurance covers doesn’t entertain the cost of Refractive surgeries. Now here we need to understand why LASIK surgeries are not included in health insurance plans. LASIK eye surgery is categorized as an elective surgery which mean it is not a critical treatment required for health improvement. It may get cover for mandatory health emergencies, under sitable insurance plans. It is always suggested to buy insurance plan with due diligence as per your requirement and affordability

LASIK and Finance

Most of the eye centers offer certain finance plans for refractive surgery like LASIK. The surgery may not look affordable to you as it is not covered with insurance too but there are ways by which you can make LASIK surgery affordable for you like 0 % financing EMI plans, HSA or FSA, personal loans and special medical credit cards.  Some centers also offer short EMI plans with zero percent interest rates and long monthly EMI plans at 10% to 12% of interest rates. So you can choose the suitable finance plan as per your affordability.

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Article first published on June 20, 2020.