LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Italy: How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost

LASIK eye surgery is a procedure of reshaping cornea of the eye so that vision problems like Myopia (shortsightedness), Hyperopia (farsightedness) and Astigmatism (Blurring at both distances) can be treated. It is always suggested to buy health insurance plans with care. To buy health insurance with a clear understanding of the covers and benefits help a lot in hours of need.

There are different types of LASIK procedures available worldwide like PRK Surgery, Epi LASIK, Wave front LASIK and LASIK monovision. The procedures available at each facility may be different and so does the cost. It is always advised to choose a trusted center with an experienced doctor for the surgery. All the procedures are safe and take around half an hour to treat the vision problems permanently. Now the common questions that pops up here is “How Much Does LASIK Cost in Italy?” In the coming sections, read more to know about LASIK Cost in Italy.

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Italy
LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Italy

LASIK Cost in Italy

How Much Does LASIK Cost in Italy? Average Price of Laser Eye Surgery in Italy comes at $3903. LASIK Cost in Italy depends a lot on the severity of procedure adopted to perform the surgery.

The surgery is performed by highly skilled surgeon with state-of-the-art equipment and safe technologies, all these factors contribute to the cost of the surgery. So we can say that Average Price of Laser Eye Surgery in Italy may differ with each location on the basis of technology available and expertise of the surgeon.

LASIK and Health Insurance

Your LASIK eye surgery may get you ease of clear vision but it does cost a noticeable amount of money which only you have to bear from your side. LASIK is considered as a cosmetic surgery and cost of such surgeries are not entertained by regular health insurance plans and covers.

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Italy
LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Italy

A Checklist for LASIK

LASIK eye surgery is a quick eye surgery, the total time of surgery usually is not more than 30 minutes. But surgery decision needs a due time of consideration so before undergoing the surgery you must check a few facts crucial to the surgery.

  • Find the trusted and certified Surgeon
  • The technology procedure available at the facility of your choice
  • What are the possible risks involved
  • The extent of treatment required
  • Why the prescribed laser technology the best for you
  • Cost Break up and cost inclusions
  • Financial assistance availability
  • Condition of your eyes like are no injuries, no dry eyes etc
  • Corneal thickness
  • Healing and recovery time
  • Follow up visits and consultation

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Article first published on June 10, 2020.