LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Los Angeles: How Much Does Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in LA

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Los Angeles is a matter of concern for small income group people. It’s a high cost surgery in LA compared to other same size cities in other countries. To buy LASIK eye surgery package in Los Angeles, you have to think twice and get opinions from many other people including this website. It is one of the best ways to save money when you are going for treatment which is not included in your health insurance plan.

LASIK Eye Surgery is an important surgery for your body. When you buy health insurance, most of companies do not include this surgery in plan. So, it’s a good thing to consider several options when you are going for LASIK eye surgery in Los Angeles. So, let’s explore more info!

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in LA
LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in LA

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Los Angeles: How Much Does Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in LA

In this article, we have provided cost based on LASIK eye surgery centres in Los Angeles. Each centre has their own plan, treatment facilities, machinery, expert doctors, and more.

LA Sight (Wilshire Blvd.)

LA Sight Los Angeles is one of the LASIK surgery centres in Los Angeles, located in Wilshire Blvd.

They offers LASIK eye surgery at $1400/eye at their centre. This cost is a standard treatment using Wavelight laser. For more advanced technique i.e. Visumax and Wavelight lasers, you have to pay $1750 per eye (All-laser LASIK). In both cases, the centre offers pre- and post-operative care and advice.

They claims that, they are one of the most affordable procedures offered in LA. For more plans, you have to contact them personally.

Benjamin Eye Institute (West Hollywood)

For wavefront and blade-free LASIK eye surgery, you have to pay between $2200-3200 per eye at the centre.

The exact cost is depend on number of things, including laser technology, suite used, pre and post visits charges are covered or not, surgeon experience, community, and more.

Benjamin Eye offers finance for LASIK eye treatment at their centre. They offer free LASIK consultation.

Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute (Wilshire Blvd.)

If you are not able to pay at once, then don’t worry. The centre / institute offers no interest payment plans in 24 months payment terms. A no pre-payment penalty, no fees, no down payment, and you do not requires to pay any interest if paid in 24 months timely manner.

In addition to this, they offers free LASIK consultation for your final decision. It’s a complimentary!

We have asked to the centre to provide us surgery cost at their centre. On Yelp!, one patient said that, he was charged $3300 per eye. On the other hand, one patient claimed that, he was charged $6400 for their procedures.

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UCLA Laser Refractive Center (Stein Plaza Driveway)

UCLA Laser Refractive Center is one of the eye care laser surgery centres in Los Angeles. The prices for LASIK eye surgery is based on your procedure selected by you. They charge for each eye separately.

For LASIK procedure, they charge $2500 and for PRK, they charge $2500. On the other hand, they charge $2500 for SMILE procedure and the lowest is $1500 for PCRI/AK procedure.

A good discount is offered to patients who opt to have surgery performed by a UCLA trainee. In this category, they offer two types of discounts, the first one is “Fellow in Training Discount” and another one is “Resident in Training Discount”.

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Q1: How much does Lasik cost in Los Angeles?
Answer: In LA, LASIK surgery cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000 per eye. The cost for each centre is given above.

Q2: What is average cost of LASIK eye surgery?
Answer: In 2017, the cost of LASIK eye surgery was $2088 per eye (average). However, the cost may increase or decrease depending on surgeon experience, technology used, hospital size, and your eyes condition.

Q3: How to get LASIK deals in Los Angeles?
Answer: In LA, several LASIK centres offers deals and discounted prices. However, you should go for best instead of cheapest.

Q4: What is the Laser Eye Surgery Cost Near Los Angeles CA?
Answer: The question is already answered in the above content and table.

Q5: Am I able to pay laser eye surgery cost in instalments?
Yes, you can pay your surgery cost in instalments based on centre’s finance plan. You should not worry about your surgery finance as most of centre offers interest free loans to patients.

Article Title: LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Los Angeles: How Much Does Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in LA
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