LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Qatar: Average Prices for Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery is a corrective eye surgery which is done to rectify vision defects. The surgery is a safe treatment for vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Qatar? Read in this article the cost related info of LASIK surgery in Qatar. To buy insurance and specially health insurance plan is an assured way of saving ourselves from financial burden of medical costs. To buy insurance is the safest plan to stay covered and protected in times of medical emergencies.

The surgery aims at improving vision of eyes and reducing the dependency of vision ware. The surgery is a quick and an easy way of removing dependency on eye glasses and contact lenses forever. Often there are reservations about surgery because of cost related issues, so in this article we will provide you clear information about LASIK Cost in Qatar cost and all the factors associated with it.

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Qatar
LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Qatar

LASIK Cost in Qatar

How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Qatar? Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Qatar may cost between QAR 9000 (USD 2472.02) to QAR 10000 (USD 2746.69). Usually the cost of surgeries at most of the centers is an all inclusive cost. The total cost may include all the surgery related costs, pre surgery and post surgery mandatory costs. The cost of surgery may include preoperative exam, post care kits, follow-ups (before and after surgery), facility charge and Surgeon’s fee. The LASIK surgery cost in Qatar on an average comes in range of QAR 9000 (USD 2472.02) to QAR 10000 (USD 2746.69).

Factors Contributing to the Cost

LASIK surgery cost may range in the above mentioned limits, but certain factors affect the cost of the surgery. Take a look at the factors and considerations for the cost fluctuations at different centers.

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Qatar
LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Qatar
  1. The Technology used and available
  2. The Surgeon’s personal experience and reputation
  3. Geographical location.
  4. If the cost quoted at the center is not a fixed price all inclusive cost then cost may also differ with each patient on the basis of complexity and intensity of the surgery.
  5. Cost breakup

LASIK Cost and Health Insurance

LASIK Cost in Qatar may not get a cover under normal health insurance cover unless it is a recorrective surgery or a functional surgery. The surgery if opted by patients out of their personal choice is categorized as an elective treatment which is not covered in regular plans. But you must check with your insurance company about availability of any specific vision premium plan for LASIK. Besides this, there are various finance options available from the eye centers and doctors itself.

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Article first published on June 8, 2020.