Best Reasons and Excuses to Postpone a Date

Excuses Not to Go Home for Christmas

What is a good excuse to postpone a date? There can be a lot of excuses that can help you postpone your date without being sounding mean but first, you need to be sure of your plans for the relationship. If you have a reason but you don’t wish to confide in, like a pimple … Read more

How Do You Start a Conversation With Your Crush Over Text: Find Excuses for Texting Your Crush

Start a Conversation With Your Crush Over Text

She loves me not; she loves me and plucking the petal of poor flower, really? No, I don’t think plucking flower has ever helped someone even getting a tiny attention of Crushes. So, what’s really better than asking straightaway to your Crush? But if things would have been really this simple, you would not have … Read more