Lowe’s Slogan In 2023 [What Is It, History & Meaning + More]

Lowe’s is a prominent hardware retailer that serves as a one-stop-shop for customers seeking to enhance their residential and commercial spaces through DIY ventures. With a history dating back to 1921, Lowe’s has employed numerous slogans over the years to entice shoppers.

Those who follow Lowe’s may be curious about the company’s slogan, such as its significance, interpretation, and duration of use. After conducting some research, here’s what I’ve discovered about Lowe’s slogan!

Lowe’s, Image Credit: Lowe’s

Lowe’s Slogan In 2023

Lowe’s Catchphrase in 2023: Since 2019, Lowe’s catchphrase has been “Do it right for less. Start at Lowe’s.” The catchphrase seeks to attract consumers by highlighting the company’s affordable pricing, while also encouraging them to explore the brand’s physical and online stores. Furthermore, the catchphrase signals a shift toward the do-it-yourself market.

Continue reading to learn more about the meaning behind Lowe’s catchphrase, the timeline of its adoption, and the reasons behind the change!

What Is Lowe’s Slogan?

Lowe’s catchphrase, “Do it right for less. Start at Lowe’s,” has been in use since 2019.

As observed by Business Insider, there’s a resemblance between Lowe’s catchphrase and that of its primary rival, Home Depot, which promotes itself with “More Saving. More Doing.”

Both Lowe’s and Home Depot’s catchphrases emphasize affordability and cost savings, while also highlighting the support they provide to customers tackling do-it-yourself endeavors.

What Does Lowe’s Slogan Mean?

Lowe’s catchphrase indicates a focus on the do-it-yourself market, catering to those who want to tackle larger projects on their own.

Lowe’s and its main rival, Home Depot, are frequently the go-to retailers for individuals embarking on DIY endeavors.

The phrase “Do it right for less. Start at Lowe’s” assures customers that they can obtain the appropriate materials at unbeatable prices from Lowe’s.

Moreover, the catchphrase implies that Lowe’s should be the initial destination for any DIY project, as the company can provide the necessary tools and expert guidance.

Ultimately, Lowe’s catchphrase strives to entice and motivate customers to visit and procure tools and supplies from its physical stores and online platform.

Lowe’s, Image Credit: Lowe’s

What Was Lowe’s Old Slogan?

Over the years, Lowe’s has employed various catchphrases in its promotional efforts.

Before adopting its current catchphrase, Lowe’s employed the phrase “Never Stop Improving.” Launched in 2011 with a television ad campaign, this catchphrase represented the company’s commitment to continuous improvement in its business operations, community involvement, and customer experience. Katie Cody, a Lowe’s spokesperson at the time, described it as a rallying cry and mindset for the company’s clientele.

Back in 2006, Lowe’s used the catchphrase “Let’s Build Something Together.” This phrase underscored Lowe’s position as a retailer offering an added service advantage through knowledgeable and professional staff.

What Is Lowe’s Tagline?

What is Lowe’s Current Tagline? Lowe’s unveiled the tagline “Home to Any Possibility” in conjunction with a media campaign commemorating its centennial anniversary.

The notion of being a “Home to Any Possibility” enables Lowe’s to explore the evolving concept of the American Dream while maintaining an attractive appeal that draws customers to its stores.

Moreover, the tagline acts as a tribute to Lowe’s 100 years of successful operation.

Lowe’s, Image Credit: Lowe’s

It is important to note that this tagline complements Lowe’s existing catchphrase, rather than replacing it.

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Lowe’s present catchphrase, “Do it right for less. Start at Lowe’s,” has been employed since 2019, succeeding the earlier slogan, “Never Stop Improving.”

In 2021, Lowe’s introduced the tagline “Home to Any Possibility” as part of an advertising campaign marking its centennial anniversary.

Lowe’s relies on both its catchphrase and tagline to emphasize its standing as a prominent and dependable hardware retailer.