Marks & Spencer CEO Email Address

Who founded Marks and Spencer?

Thomas Spencer
Michael Marks

When was M&S founded?

1884, Leeds, United Kingdom
Marks & Spencer / Founded

Who is CEO of Marks and Spencer?

Steve Rowe (2 Apr 2016–)
Marks & Spencer / CEO
Stephen Joseph Rowe is a British businessman and current CEO of Marks & Spencer since April 2016.

What is the address of Marks and Spencer head office?

London, United Kingdom

Who is the manager of Marks and Spencer?

Tufail Ahmed – General Manager – Marks and Spencer | LinkedIn.

How do I email M and S head office?

Our email address is:

How do I email Marks and Spencer?

Notifications under DTR 5: Email: …
Shareholder Enquiries – Registrar: …
Shareholder Enquiries – M&S Investor Relations: …
Shareholder Enquiries – M&S Group Secretariat: …
Shareholder Enquiries – American Depositary Receipts (ADRs):

How do I complain to Marks and Spencer head office?

Contact customer service by phone
Clothing & homeware, flowers, gift cards, wine. 0333-014-8000. …
Food to Order. 0333 014 8222. …
Furniture. You may find the answers to some commonly asked questions in our FAQs. …
Store service. 0333-014-8555. …
Product quality. 0333-014-8555. …
Other M&S sites. Contact M&S Bank.

How can I contact M&S?

Marks & Spencer / Customer service

How do I contact HR M&S?

M&S on Twitter: “@Kiran_UK10 Hi – our HR number is > 0345 304 7474 Thanks, Chris” / Twitter.

Who is head of HR at Marks and Spencer?

Lauren Mallon – Head of HR – Marks and Spencer | LinkedIn.

How much does the CEO of M&S earn?

However, due to a long-term bonus payout of £621,000 relating to a target Rowe achieved in 2016, the chief executive will see his total pay for the year rise by 48 per cent to £1.7 million, compared with £1.1 million a year before.

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